Omens and superstitions about burning cheeks

Probably, each of you is familiar with the feeling like a “fire broke out” on your face. Today there are quite logical medical explanations for this. But our ancestors, who lived in villages and did not turn to doctors for such trifles, believed that when their cheeks were flushing, it was a sign. Of course, you should not unconditionally trust the old beliefs, but check it, and if you like the interpretation, then why not?

General interpretation of signs about cheeks burning

The superstition "burning cheeks" appeared for a reason. Those who are engaged in areas of esotericism related to bioenergetics know that an invisible energy connection is established between people who communicate often. What does it mean? This means that we can somehow feel when a familiar person remembers us. This is where the common interpretation comes from.

If you feel that your face is on fire - a sign reports that someone is thinking, talking about you, or just remembering you. And in order to find out what these thoughts are, take a golden jewelry (best of all, a ring) and run it over the cheek that burns, mentally asking the jewelry to give you a hint. If the trace remains red, talk about you goes on a neutral topic; if it is dark, this means someone scolds you or speaks negatively about you, or is simply jealous.

If the stripe on the cheek is light or it is not left at all, most likely, something good is being said about you. You can even try to guess the person who is talking behind your back. To do this, you need to call the names of your acquaintances in order, mentally imagining their images, and as soon as you pronounce the right name, the heat will disappear immediately.

The burning cheeks sign changes its meaning for young women: the blush of the cheeks of a young girl means the presence of an admirer who constantly thinks about her. In this case, you can mentally list potential gentlemen: if the “fever” has stopped on one of the names, it is this young man who has feelings for you that he has not yet spoken about out loud.

What does it mean if your left cheek is burning?

It is traditionally believed that heat on the left side of the face portends something unpleasant. Most likely, someone around you is currently thinking about you in a negative way or is plotting something bad. If the burning of the left side of your face constantly bothers you, it makes sense to diagnose the negative by contacting a specialist for a Tarot layout for a magical effect. However, if you are engaged in cards or runes yourself, you can completely cope with this task on your own. If a negative is found, you need to remove it and put up magical protection from hostile people in your environment.

Your right cheek burning omens and superstitions

If your right cheek is burning, this is an ambiguous sign. It has several possible interpretations. According to one version, such a “fever” portends an imminent quarrel or scandal; according to another one, someone tells the truth about you or praises you. There is also an interpretation that portends a romantic meeting. It is up to you of course which prediction to believe.

What does it mean if your cheeks and ears are burning at the same time?

There is also a sign "cheeks and ears are burning." It is of course, not much pleasant from such sensations. Popular beliefs say that in such a case, when the heat covers the face along with the ears, this means you are discussed not by one person, but by several at once. It can be your friends, work colleagues, neighbors, relatives who have gathered together. So when you feel like that, think about what topic you could give the whole company to discuss.

Interpretation of signs about burning cheeks by day of the week

And now we will consider the sign “cheeks are burning” by day of the week and time of day.

    Cheeks burning on Monday:
  • Morning – Acquaintance
  • Day Time – Restoring friendship or love connection from someone from your past
  • Evening (Night) – Longing
    Cheeks burning on Tuesday:
  • Morning – Conflict of interests, misunderstandings
  • Day Time – Omissions with someone close to you
  • Evening (Night) – Scandal, a serious quarrel
    Cheeks burning on Wednesday:
  • Morning – Romantic date
  • Day Time – Relations are getting to a more serious level
  • Evening (Night) – Receiving a gift
    Cheeks burning on Thursday:
  • Morning – Tranquility
  • Day Time – Pleasure
  • Evening (Night) – Sleeping tight, a calm night
    Cheeks burning on Friday:
  • Morning – Receiving news
  • Day Time – Something unexpected
  • Evening (Night) – Business offer or marriage proposal
    Cheeks burning on Saturday:
  • Morning – A date
  • Day Time – Unexpected meeting
  • Evening (Night) – A serious conversation
    Cheeks burning on Sunday:
  • Morning – Guests coming, a holiday
  • Day Time – An important phone talk
  • Evening (Night) – Joy, carelessness

What do the doctors say about burning cheeks?

So, we examined the sign “cheeks are burning”, but for the sake of completeness, it is worth knowing the opinion of doctors about this “ailment”. Doctors believe that the "blazing" of the face, which happens only once or happens very rarely, is a natural reaction of the human body to high or vice versa low temperatures, prolonged exposure to the sun and other irritating environmental factors.

If the cheeks burn constantly, this may be a sign of diseases associated with the lungs, the circulatory system, the thyroid gland, and the adrenal glands. Also, burning of the face is one of the signs of hypertension. And the cheeks of those who abuse alcoholic beverages often turn red and burn. So if the “fever” does not occur once, but happens on an ongoing basis - do not waste time, visit a specialist.

Sergii Haranenko

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