Omens and superstitions about hiccup

In the old days, any sign that our body gave was perceived as a harbinger of some events. Something itched, you have watery eye, you bumped or stumbled, you suddenly wanted to yawn – our ancestors gave their explanation to each such phenomenon. Of course, such beliefs were not born out of nothing – this was preceded by long observations. However, the same sign could have several meanings at once, and at least one always hit the mark. Today we will talk about signs about hiccups.

General interpretation of hiccup

First, let's figure it out, is hiccuping a good or bad omen? The most common interpretation of this phenomenon is that sudden hiccups are a sign that someone is thinking about you now. If you hiccup slightly, then you are being praised, and if it is strong and you are feeling discomfort, it means they are scolding you.

    There are even several ways to find out whose thoughts are occupied with you:
  • As soon as you begin to hiccup, pull out a hair from the head, and then start winding it around your finger, pronouncing the letter of the alphabet for each turn. It is believed that the hair should end on the first letter of the name of the person who is thinking about you. Of course, this method only works for women, because men do not often grow long curls.
  • If you have a short haircut, or you are a hiccuping young man, wet your little finger with saliva, and then move it along the eyebrow, listing the names of your friends and acquaintances. It is said that a hair will definitely stick to the finger when the desired name is spoken aloud.
  • If tearing your hair or running a finger over your eyebrow seems unethical to you (if you caught hiccups in a public place), just mentally list the names of your acquaintances, and pause for five seconds after each one. As soon as the "intruder" is found, you will immediately stop hiccuping.

Meaning of hiccup by day of the week

    If the classical interpretation of the belief does not suit you, we recommend that you pay attention to the symbolism of hiccups by day of the week.
  • If you are hiccupping on Monday: someone is thinking about you
  • Hiccup on Tuesday: a close relative or admirer remembers you with a kind word
  • Hiccupping on Wednesday: expect an important conversation, letter, interesting conversation or text message
  • If you hiccup on Thursday: this means a business or love meeting
  • Hiccupping on Friday: is a sign of quarrels, conflicts, sometimes even parting, so be careful with what you say
  • When hiccup caught you on Saturday: a loved one does not trust you, suspects you of treason
  • Hiccup on Sunday: means you can expect kisses
  • How to stop hiccuping?

So, suppose that you have learned the meaning of signs about hiccups, but the discomfort still does not stop. What should you do to stop hiccuping?

    Our ancestors believed that there are several ways:
  • Bend over to the ground and cross your toes
  • Take a bread knife with a handle to your chest and draw a cross with it in the air, or gently touch the bridge of your nose with a blade
  • Say a prayer to the Mother of God three times, and then say “Lord, remember King David and all his meekness”
  • If it’s not you who hiccups, but someone else nearby, scare the person by shouting loudly in his ear or clapping your hands unexpectedly.
Sergii Haranenko

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