Omens and superstitions about spots on the body

Each person has some kind of birth marks on his body - moles, spots, and sometimes scars. Spots can have a different color, size, be located in the most visible place, or, conversely, in an inconspicuous place. In any case, such marks carry a certain meaning.

In ancient times, it was believed that only sorcerers and those who come into contact with evil spirits have spots on the body.

Signs about spots on the body

1. A large dark spot on a woman's hand - predicts large families.

2. A man has a spot or shading between his eyebrows - his wife will be obedient and affectionate.

3. If pigmentation appears on the face during pregnancy, this usually means a girl will be born.

4. If a man has a mark over his heart, this is a good sign that promises a successful career.

5. A few dark spots in the waist area, this means the family will be big. The more spots, the more children there will be.

6. Having a few spots on one’s hands promises luck in everything. Such a person will easily overcome the obstacles that arise.

7. Suddenly a spot appeared (if previously it was absent) on the palm of your hand – it is a bad sign, promising the beginning of a black stripe.

8. Mark/mole on the little finger - the surrounding people negatively affect you, which affects your personal life and work. Do not listen to other people's advice.

9. A spot on the thumb is a bad omen, portending eternal difficulties due to resentment towards your loved ones.

10. A spot on the index finger – means constant dissatisfaction; dissatisfaction with life will repel people.

11. There is a spot on the middle finger – this means frequent worries over trifles will prevent you from reaching your goal.

12. Spot on the ring finger – is a sign that you need to develop creative abilities, otherwise life will be meaningless.

13. If there is a spot/mole on the right leg –promises an abundance of fans will not allow you to build a serious relationship, according to signs.

14. A spot on the left leg – means loneliness due to isolation, unwillingness to make new acquaintances.

15. A woman has a spot on her left breast – happiness in marriage, prosperity.

16. A woman has a spot on her right breast – life will be filled with worries and troubles.

17. A spot on the back is a good omen. Only in leaders such marks appear in such a place.

18. A spot in the navel – fate will always be favorable, lead you in the right direction.

19. Spots on the neck – promise wealth, strength, influence.

20. Spots on the shoulders – this is a sign that a person has creative abilities.

21. A spot on the forehead is a sign of strength, sociability and activity. A mole on the forehead means that it is difficult for a person to communicate with authoritarian people, obey his superiors and listen to the advice of parents. He is too independent.

22. Spot (spots) on the elbow – the craving for travel will be exorbitant.

23. A dark dot on the earlobe is a sign of positive character and confirmation of a person’s impeccable reputation.

24. According to esoterics, moles located in the folds near the mouth hint at an increased risk of emergencies that a person can get into.

25. A person whom nature has awarded with a mole near his lips loves to eat deliciously. He is not a glutton, but a gourmet who eats food, turning the meal into a ritual. Well, if a woman got a mole right under her lower lip, this is a sign of a happy life for her and her children.

26. A mole/spot on the tongue is a rarity. Such a person is extremely talkative, but it is difficult for him to listen to the interlocutor.

27. Moles on the left temple for a woman and on the right one for a man are a sign of high intuition and a bright personality.

28. A mole on the cheek serves as a warning that a person can live alone all his life. To create a strong and loving family, he needs to make an effort. A mole on the left cheek of a woman – there will be many admirers; a mole on the right cheek of a man – a lively disposition, a lively mind and talent.

29. If the moles are located on the cheekbones, the person has an inner core; he devotes himself to the service of some ideology. He has innate oratory skills that contribute to growth and advancement.

30. Mole located: between the eyebrows – is a symbol of the third eye, a sign of acute intuition, clairvoyance; next to the eyebrows – no financial problems; right above the eyebrow – it speaks of future wealth. Is the mole barely noticeable? The person has got invisible riches – a beautiful soul, a rich inner world, mind and wisdom.

31. The fate of a person with a mole on the eyelid will not be so successful: Conflicts with the next of kin are possible. There is the risk of getting into debt and being left without money.

32. Esoterics say that a mole on the tip of the nose indicates problems in relationships with the opposite sex. In born workaholics, moles are located on the bridge of the nose. If the spots are located on the wings of the nose, this is a sign that the person has no problems with money, he knows how to earn and save it.

33. If a person has a small mole on his chin, this symbol means he likes to travel and explore the world.

34. Moles on the inner or outer side of the thigh are the mark of a clairvoyant. However, it is difficult for such a person to focus on one thing.

35. If the spot is on the knee, this symbol means the person demonstrates impatience, constantly rushing somewhere. In an effort to overtake time, he is constantly late somewhere. If there are moles on both knees, this means that only a very calm, scrupulous and responsible partner can save the situation.

36. A mole on the lower leg means that a person can easily break away from his familiar place and hit the road. Such people are outstanding athletes, dancers and travelers.

37. A mole on the heel is a sign of perseverance. Such a person will accept both the gifts of fate and her blows with a smile, draw conclusions and move on.

Moles and spots contain important information about the past, future and present of a person. By learning to read these signs, you can draw the right conclusions and adjust your behavior. This will lead to positive changes in fate, will help you gain success, happiness and love.

38. A mole on a woman's pubis is a sign of a lucky woman, a kind of omen for good luck. Such a mark promises that you will live a calm and happy life. Fate will be favorable to you.

39. A mole on a man's penis indicates that he is extremely loving. He is very fond of the female sex and is very popular among women.

40. A mole on the labia of a woman indicates that she has non-standard behavior in sex. She can be too tight or too aggressive. Girls who have moles on or near their genitals are extremely temperamental.

In addition, the meaning may vary slightly depending on the location of the mark on the left or right labia. So, if we are talking about the mark on the right labia, its owner is destined to live an unusual life. However, it will not be easy, fate will be confusing and unpredictable.

A mole on the left labia speaks of poor health. Such a sign on the body warns - do not delay marriage and the birth of children, because the state of health in adulthood may not allow you to have a heir.

41. A mole on a man's pubis means that he will achieve considerable success, he is virtuous and curious. He is lucky both in his personal life and in business matters. However, luck can be temporary, and you should not rely on luck alone.

Sergii Haranenko

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