Orchids omens and superstitions

Which omens and superstitions are known to people regarding orchids? An orchid is a plant the beauty of which has been legendary for centuries. And this is not surprising because this flower, it turns out, has been known to mankind since the 7th century BC! Today this flower can often be found in urban apartments.

Historians agree on one thing: from ancient times, the orchid was considered a symbol of spiritual purity, beauty, virginity, harmony and perfection. Men often gave this flower to women, thereby showing their admiration for their attractiveness, as well as the purity of their thoughts. There was also an opinion that the orchid patronizes people of creative professions, speakers, as well as those who got a very beautiful appearance by nature.

First, it’s worth talking about bad omens about the orchid in the house, since it is they that usually cause the most questions for beginning gardeners. So, what do the Esoterics say about superstitions associated with orchids? The most negative statement about this plant is the following: a flower or orchid is an energy vampire, which means it draws vital energy from its owner and all family members. In fact, this belief is based on a real fact: the pollen of an orchid can lull a person, make him sleepy.

However, it’s worth mentioning right away that similar signs and superstitions do not apply to the Phalaenopsis orchid - all the other types of indoor plants act as the home “putting to sleep instrument”. That is why it is not recommended to put an orchid in the bedroom if you want to wake up easily and feel a surge of vitality in the morning instead of the desire to lie in bed for half a day.

The second popular superstition says that an orchid can be called a “husband-drive-away plant”, as it “drives” men out of the house. In fact, this is still an exaggeration, since the flower does not drive anyone anywhere, but only awakens more “feminine” qualities in a man: a representative of the stronger sex that constantly contacts with this plant becomes effeminate, capricious, less courageous and more passive.

The positive qualities of orchids can be found mainly from the signs and superstitions about orchid for women. This beautiful flower enhances female charm a lot, helps its mistress maintain external attractiveness, youth, sexuality, good health for many years, and also helps reveal her creative talents. We can say that this is a real female mascot!

According to another common sign, an orchid at home becomes a reliable protector from bad people. If a disingenuous person who envies or desires evil comes to visit you, the plant will do everything possible to get him away as soon as possible.

There are also a number of signs and superstitions about the orchid depending on its color. For example, yellow and orange orchids are best suited for avid careerists and women concerned about self-realization issues, as they contribute to professional growth and career advancement.

Orchids with red or purple flowers are the best companions for girls prone to laziness. They help cultivate willpower, which means that under the influence of such an orchid, it will be easier for the lady to maintain a diet, say goodbye to bad habits, and finally begin to do things that she constantly puts off for later.

Pink and white orchid flowers help find inner harmony, peace of mind. They increase self-esteem and quickly relieve of depression, bad mood; so such orchids will be simply indispensable for women with pessimistic outlook on life who feel insecure.

But despite the fact that the orchid makes the fair sex even more beautiful, feminine and sexy, it unfortunately is not responsible for attracting a man into a woman's life.

Sergii Haranenko

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