Pip on the tongue omens and superstitions

The signs call a pimple on the tongue is called a pip. It, as a rule, causes unpleasant painful sensations and heals for a relatively long time. At the same time, the appearance of such a pimple (pip) has several interpretations, which folk beliefs tell about.

Why does a pip appear on the tongue?

According to legend, a pip indicates you are not the most pleasant person. Perhaps in recent times you have been gossiping or openly arguing with someone. In any case, you should reconsider your attitude towards others and be more restrained.

Another sign suggests that a pip on the tongue is formed in cases when you are discussed. But it is impossible to know whether these words are good or bad.

Pip on the side, in the middle or on the tip of the tongue

The interpretation of the sign may also depend on in which part of the tongue the pip appeared.

Pip on the side of the tongue – means you are too talkative. Before talking about anything, you should think carefully, especially if you communicate with unfamiliar people. Saying too much can get you into trouble. And in order not to cause envy and provoke gossip, it is better not to disclose the details of your personal life. Otherwise, ill-wishers will certainly use this information for their own purposes.

Pip in the middle of the tongue – a common sign says that a pimple in this part appears due to your lie. Remember who you recently told a lie to – friends, colleagues, perhaps relatives. And if you sincerely regret your act, the pip will come down very quickly.

The sign about a pip on the tip of the tongue says that you should pay attention to communicating with your loved ones. Perhaps you often allow yourself to raise your voice to relatives, speak with them in an inappropriate tone, make harsh remarks, and be tactless. By such behavior, you offend them greatly and humiliate them. Popular beliefs advise trying to be gentle, loyal and carefully choose expressions. Remember that it is very easy to hurt a loved one, to insult him, and after this is much more difficult to earn forgiveness.

As you can see, the signs about a pip on the tongue are not the most pleasant interpretation. But don't get too upset. Understanding their meaning, you can change your life for the better by getting rid of ill-wishers in your environment and establishing relationships with loved ones.

Sergii Haranenko

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