Scissors signs and superstitions.

Scissors are one of the most essential items in everyday life. Many people have dropped them more than once, and this, by the way, is almost always an unkind sign. There are a lot of superstitions that list in detail all the signs associated with the fall of scissors. For example, what happens if they fall open, or get stuck on the floor? Is it possible for a person who has dropped scissors to raise them on his own? How to recognize evil eye with scissors?

Folk omens about scissors.

Most modern people do not even imagine that if the scissors fell to the floor, you should search out the interpretation of the omen. This household item is used for a variety of purposes. And so, it can serve as an excellent assistant when performing kitchen operations, either as a means of caring for your body, or as an object that is great for cutting fabrics or paper.

    However, if this tool slips out of your hands and falls to the floor, this is an important sign, which it is life-threatening to ignore. For example, if a person who has dropped a sharp object picks up scissors on his own and uses them further, some of the worst events can happen in his life:
  • the loss of a loved one;
  • quarrel, and then parting with your significant other;
  • diseases of loved ones.

Important! Also, a sign about scissors suddenly found in your house says that in no case should you pick them up; otherwise you may become the object of witchcraft.

A sewer should not be afraid in case of scissors falling - it’s just that in the near future troubles may arise at work, and she will sew something for the deceased.

Superstitions about open scissors.

Since ancient times, the main tools used by black magicians are scissors and needles. Everything is very simple. When incantations are pronounced, a photograph or personal object of a person who is being harmed is cut with two knife-edges. This action can separate friends, accuse a person of treason, bring illness and failure on him and his family. You also need to be wary if you find open scissors or a tossed comb in your yard.

Signs say that open scissors, like compass needles, indicate who will be the culprit of a quarrel in the family. So, if the blade points to the person who so carelessly dropped them, this means he will apologize in the future, or he will simply remain misunderstood by all family members. If the object of the fall points to another person, this means he might be planning something against you.

Scissors falling to the floor superstitions.

You can drop scissors on the floor by negligence. If you want everything to be fine with your loved ones, and they live and be healthy for a long time, treat this sharp object with more care. After all, one awkward movement and scissors can stick into the floor; injure you, as well as the hearts of your loved ones. After all, there is nothing worse than a fallen sharp object stuck in the floor. Otherwise, the consequences can become fatal - the death of a person who missed a dangerous object, or the death of one of his closest relatives.

    Let’s summarize the information about dropped scissors signs:
  • The imminent death of a loved one (provided that a sharp object stuck into the floor);
  • Unexpected guests (if the scissors just fell and did not damage the coating);
  • Diseases (if they were dropped, and they also remained closed, but still damaged the floors);
  • Tailoring for the deceased (in the tailor's workshop);
  • Preparation for funeral services in companies specially engaged in this matter (if the scissors fell with the tip down and did not damage the coatings).

There is a sign that if the scissors did not damage the floor in any way, they can be picked up, but first you need to perform one small ritual: tap the scissors with your right elbow, and only then you can pick it up. It is also recommended to heat the cutting tool in your palms. This will help you completely neutralize the enemy force, and, moreover, send negative messages in the opposite direction to their owner.

Beliefs about scissors stolen from home.

Scissors can just disappear from your house. A person will look for them, and will probably think that they (perhaps) have fallen behind the back of the sofa or under the chair. After all, it would never occur to anyone that a guest or an enemy snatched scissors in order to commit some kind of dirty trick. This is not a very pleasant topic for reflection, however, this really exists and quite often household members find themselves under the effect of dark forces.

Why does the thief need scissors anyway? The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, magic sent from one person to another. Black magicians are well versed in rituals, and they probably know that there is no better conductor in the world than metals, iron. That is why these sharp objects have become their main attribute.

In addition, if such a person, being your guest, asks to use your scissors, or just to borrow them for a while, you should never do this, because such a person can do you a lot of dirty tricks out of envy, despite the seeming goodwill and smiles.

If after a while you find scissors on the way to your house, you need to protect yourself, and wrap them in a cloth, sprinkle them with holy baptismal water, and then just use them.

Pay attention to the little things and be happy!

Sergii Haranenko

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