Signs About Bugs In The House.

What do the signs say about insects in the house? In summer, very often various insects crawl and fly inside apartments and private houses. You can meet different insects at your place when it is warm: spiders, dragonflies, ants, bees! Is a beetle in the house a good or bad omen? That is what we will talk about today. It is for good reason, perhaps, there are so many popular beliefs about bugs in the house? Be that as it may, believe it or not - it's up to you, our job is to talk about the existing superstitions.

General signs and superstitions about beetles.

There are a huge number of beliefs about beetles, but almost all of them do not distinguish by the type of insect. The only exception is the ladybug. Now let's see what other bugs seen in the house portend.

  • The common sign “beetle in the apartment” says that the owner of the dwelling will start something new soon, but it is still unknown whether his undertakings will be crowned with success.
  • To meet a beetle crawling across your way right in front of you is sign of a joyful event.
  • If the insect shell is green, expect important news.
  • If someone buzzes persistently, but you do not see the beetle itself, this means something is being hidden from you. However, there are other interpretations: someone knows important information about you or reveals your secret. Be that as it may, if the source of the buzzing has not been found, it is better not to share your personal secrets with anyone.
  • If a beetle flew into an apartment or house – it is a bad omen, portending problems with money. But this is relevant only when an uninvited guest flies around the room and cannot stop in any way.
  • An insect crawling on a windowsill, glass or window frame portends harmony, peace and a warm atmosphere within the family.
  • If the bug tries to crawl into the dwelling persistently, making one attempt after another, it will soon get colder outside.
  • To see the Colorado potato beetle at home – is a symbol of financial difficulties.
  • Dung beetle or black beetle is a positive sign. Soon, the one who saw the little guest will receive some kind of profitable offer.
  • If a rhinoceros beetle came to the light - be careful, a new acquaintance can deceive you.
  • Seeing a bug in bed – means someone uses your feelings for selfish purposes.
  • If an insect is found right in your shoe, wait for the news of someone’s death, but most likely it will not be about someone close, but just about a person you know.

Signs and beliefs about June Bug

    It is worth talking separately about signs about the June Bug:
  • If you met a June Bug during a walk, you will soon meet a person who will turn out to be something useful, for example, teach you something new, offer profitable cooperation, help in a difficult situation.
  • A June Bug that sits on a person’s head or circles over him persistently is considered a bad omen. It can be assumed that he will soon face serious financial difficulties. To neutralize the action of the omen, simply drive the bug away and be careful in handling money.
  • If the cockchafer dived unsuccessfully and got tangled in your hair - rejoice, you will emerge victorious from a difficult situation, and show up your enemies and ill-wishers.
  • The June Bug just flew by and went about his business - future problems can be avoided.
  • The June Bug in the house is not a very good sign, especially if it flew in through the window. It is believed that the insect brings bad news.
  • A large cockchafer crawls along the windowsill – this means peace, tranquility, harmony will reign at home.
  • If a June Bug flew through the car window – beware of trouble on the road.
  • Finding a dead insect at home means separation from someone close to you. But do not be afraid, this is not about death, but only about a temporary separation.
  • Seeing a lot of June Bugs – predicts a weather change. If a crowd of insects also makes a loud buzzing, expect heavy rain, possibly with a thunderstorm.

How to neutralize a bad sign prediction?

You should not kill the bug, even if it brought you bad news - this will only aggravate the situation. It is believed that you need to sweep gently the uninvited guest with a broom towards the door, saying: “Troubles go away, illnesses go away, grief go away!”

Another way is to ask a ladybug for help. It is necessary to find this spotted insect within seven days after the beetle visiting, put it on your hand and ask it in your own words to take away all future misfortunes from you, and then release it with a wave of your hand. If the ladybug took off, everything will be fine, but if it landed immediately, adversity cannot be avoided.

Whether or not to believe in the signs of a beetle in the house is up to you. After all, many people simply do not pay attention to the appearance of such small guests, considering their visit as an absolute accident.

Sergii Haranenko

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