Signs about clothes and underwear worn inside out

In the modern world, an unusual worldview is emerging, which could not have been in any of the previous historical periods. In all areas of life, we firmly rely on scientific knowledge, but at the same time we continue trusting the signs that have come down to us from time immemorial. Superstitions about clothing are one of the most ancient beliefs, they have accompanied mankind since cave times. That is why people still attach importance to the sign "putting on clothes inside out."

Incorrectly worn clothes: what does it mean?

Signs about clothes worn back to front or seams outward have different interpretations: some of them are considered favorable, while others promise trouble. Let's take a look at the intricacies of this superstition.

If you accidentally put something on inside out

Our ancestors believed that the sign of clothes inside out portends an inattentive owner the feeling of guilt, reproaches, drunkenness to an indecent degree, and possibly even beatings. It is either a person gets drunk with grief after an unfair dragging, or vice versa, he will feel guilty for a drunken trick - one way or another, there is little pleasant in this situation.

The good news is that the negative effects of signs can be neutralized with a simple ritual.

    All you have to do is:
  • immediately put on the piece properly;
  • ask one of your friends or acquaintances to lightly tap on the back of the distracted dandy: in this way, a person, as it were, deceives fate, demonstrating that the consequences of the sign have already overtaken him.

If a woman absent-mindedly puts on a skirt, T-shirt or dress with the wrong side out, then superstition promises her financial failure. The same applies to shirts and jackets for men.

Thicker clothes - sweaters, pants - worn on the wrong side, portend problems at work, worsening relations in the work team.

However, auspicious interpretations of signs are also known: absent-mindedness in handling the wardrobe promises young girls a coming romantic acquaintance.

Putting clothes inside out intentionally is a good omen.

Our grandmothers, going to the forest to gather mushrooms, berries or cones for kindling, remembered the forest owner, who does not like uninvited guests. It was believed that if a person got lost in the forest, it means that he was confused by the wood-goblin. And, if you turn a shirt or other top thing inside out, the goblin will be so amused by the ridiculous appearance that he will become kinder and remove the hassle from the unwanted guest.

    Today, a piece of clothes deliberately turned inside out is put on to attract good luck:
  • tights, pantyhose, T-shirts, worn with seams outward protect from the evil eye;
  • socks are turned the wrong side out when complex business negotiations are coming;
  • underwear is put on inside out before romantic dates.

If you wear an item backwards

Regarding the signs “putting on any part of the wardrobe backwards”, there is one belief of a negative nature: if in a hurry you put on a headdress backwards, then it is better to postpone all important things today - there will be no success, you will find a series of minor troubles, misunderstandings, mutual misunderstanding.

    Otherwise, superstitions about clothes worn backwards are quite favorable:
  • Until recently, trousers and pants were worn exclusively by men, so it is they who are promised the patronage of higher powers: any business started on this day will be completed in your favor.
  • A shirt or jumper worn back to front promises a pleasant surprise, this also applies to women.
  • Women's clothes, incorrectly put on in a hurry, promise an unexpected gift.

There is even a ritual that helps get rid of unsolvable situations: if you cannot solve some problem, you should twist some thing on yourself and return home in this form in the evening. Soon the solution to the problem will form in your thoughts as if on its own.

But if you have a dream in which you see yourself comically dressed, it means that soon you will reveal your secret to a loved one, but you will regret it.

What is the meaning of the sign "putting panties inside out"?

Mess with underwear rarely threatens the owner with jokes and ridicule from others, but superstition warns that the possible consequences can be much sadder.

According to one of the signs about underpants worn inside out, a minor incident promises a person jealousy from his partner. Another superstition goes further and predicts adultery associated with infection with a venereal disease. Fortunately, it is quite simple to prevent the sad consequences of this omen: you just need to burn the underwear that was accidentally worn on the wrong side.

Another interpretation is of a warning nature: if you noticed yourself that you put on your underpants inside out, the sign says that there are people who envy you; their negative energy directed at you can ruin your plans.

The oldest interpretation of the superstition about underwear says that a person who wears underpants inside out runs the risk of being beaten, and not in a random fight, but as a punishment.

This superstition comes from a custom: when a thief accidentally dropped a thing, the people who were robbed beat it with hazel sticks. It was believed that clothing carries a charge of the energy of its owner, which means that the impact on the thing will be reflected in the state of the owner.

However, good interpretations are also known among the people: according to one version, underpants worn inside out testify to the love that awaits the owner in the near future.

And sometimes magicians and healers even advised putting on panties with the seams outward: it was believed that this action attracts good luck in all matters, protects from the evil eye. Of course, in a positive sense, a sign only works if a person performs it consciously.

How to neutralize an omen?

We have already mentioned that in cases where the sign about panties inside out portends love troubles, then the underwear should be burned to avoid unpleasant omens.

There is also a less problematic ritual of neutralizing bad beliefs: you need to remove the underwear worn on the wrong side and trample it a little with your feet. Of course, the action must be purely symbolic, so you trample on all the troubles that threatened you.

Signs have existed for so long that even a non-superstitious person sometimes finds it difficult to dismiss them. However, do not be upset if the omen promises something bad: try to convince your subconscious mind that you intentionally put your clothes inside out to attract good luck. Psychologists know that a person's mood can change the circumstances around him. Optimism and self-confidence can protect you from trouble no worse than any amulet.

Sergii Haranenko

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