Signs and omens about sparrows

In cities you can often see sparrows swimming in puddles among other birds that inhabit the city. However, few people think that the actions of birds contain a hidden meaning. To understand why a flock of sparrows bathe in a puddle, you need to look at signs. Folk wisdom can explain this phenomenon by considering the number of birds and the time of day when they took baths.

Why do sparrows bathe in a puddle?

Birds splashing in the water are a good omen. Depending on how many sparrows there were and with whom they shared the puddle, you can give an exact interpretation of what you saw.

If the sparrow was bathing alone or there were 2-3 birds in the puddle, this is a signs that the person will experience changes in his personal life. He will unexpectedly meet his soulmate or realize that they have no future together with their current partner. In this case, the individual will not think about the consequences, which is why he will make many unforgivable and silly mistakes.

If a whole flock of sparrows bathe in a puddle, this means the person will soon become the owner of wealth. He will be able to fulfill his dreams, but after this a crisis situation will come. The habit of spending a lot will collide with an absolute lack of money, which will make a person feel like a failure.

If sparrows bathe with pigeons, this is a sign that a person will advance up the career ladder. The long-awaited promotion will be the result of hard work. The reward will give the person the strength to work hard so that his further work will also be rewarded.

If jackdaws bathe in a puddle together with sparrows, this means a person will receive good news from his relatives. But due to the fact that a person will not be able to see his family, he will feel offended, and envy will creep into his heart.

If a magpie flew into the water with the sparrows, the person will soon receive a fee or a bonus. This will not be encouragement or support. Money will go to a person without any reason.

    It is also worth paying attention to the behavior of birds in a puddle.
  • If the birds fought among themselves, in this case what was predicted would not come true soon. A long period of time will pass before these events occur in life.
  • If the sparrows stood apart from each other, and each was engaged in its own cleanliness, what was foretold would soon begin to come true.

What to expect if sparrows bathe in sand or dust?

In the warm season, sparrows often wallow in the sand. The people also noticed this and created superstitions. This event can portend both good and bad.

If one or more sparrows are bathing in dust, the person will soon come with his rival face to face. The fight will be difficult. If a person can maintain concentration and attentiveness, then victory will be his. If he tries to do several things at once or tries to cheat, in this case the championship will go to the enemy.

If a small flock of sparrows bathe in the sand, good luck awaits the person in his endeavors. Whatever he undertakes, be it study, a new business or continued career growth, the result will please the person. However, he should not abuse this and take on several things at the same time. This will lead to a person losing his fortune in the hustle and bustle, and the work he has started will result in debts and large financial losses.

If sparrows bathe in the sand along with other small birds, this is an omen that a person will face a moral test. For several days he will have to choose between what is easy and what is right. The right decisions will bring a person new opportunities and powerful acquaintances. However, every mistake will be fatal. After it, one of the areas of a person’s life will change significantly.

If sparrows are floundering in the dust along with large birds, such as jackdaws or crows, a person should expect bad news. This will affect one of your close relatives or friends. At the same time, other people will be at risk. Despite a person's wishes, he will not be able to help. But the situation will be resolved soon.

Signs say that if you see sparrows fiddling around in the sand and then swimming in a puddle, the sign means that the person will be lucky in his personal life. He will finally find his soulmate, and his feelings will be mutual. At the same time, the couple will find harmony, thanks to which their relationship will become stronger every year.

If sparrows fight with each other in sand heaps, a person should expect a child. The baby will appear with the individual himself or with his close relatives. The sign also indicates that the newborn will have health problems.

    It is worth paying attention to the age of the birds. The outcome of future events will depend on this.
  • If adult sparrows bathe in the sand, what is predicted will leave a strong mark on a person’s life. Not only will he gain valuable experience, but he will also change his mind about certain things.
  • If a person sees sparrow chicks frolicking in the dust, routine events await him. They will quickly become unnecessary memories.

Scientific justification of omens and superstitions

Ornithologists have long figured out the reason why sparrows often bathe in a puddle or sand. In this way they are trying to get rid of various feather lice. These ectoparasites cause a lot of trouble for both adult birds and chicks, and you can get rid of adults and their eggs with water, so sparrows bathe in puddles.

If the water has not yet warmed up, they try to get rid of feather lice using sand baths. In addition, fidgeting in the sand helps scratch the skin, which becomes itchy due to the movements of parasitic insects.

Ornithologists have another explanation for this bird behavior. Due to rising temperatures in summer, sparrows become hot. Therefore, they try to cool off in cool puddles. In addition, dust clogs the coccygeal and supratail sebaceous glands, which is why an insufficient amount of oily substance reaches the plumage. To cleanse the skin, birds take baths.

Other folk signs about sparrows

The actions of sparrows often indicate future events to people.

If a sparrow flew into the house, the signs say that the person will soon receive bad news. If a bird got inside through the window, the news will concern the love sphere. The person will break off a relationship with someone under unpleasant circumstances or find out about his significant other’s infidelity. If the bird entered the house through the loggia, the news will be related to work and job responsibilities.

The found corpse of a sparrow is also a bad omen. If a dead bird was found near the threshold, the owner of the house will face financial problems. If a dead bird was in the garden, the signs state that the children in the house will get sick.

If a sparrow flies over a person’s head, and there is a long road ahead, this is a warning that you should be careful. Travel can be life-threatening. And if a whole flock flew over the wanderer, this means the trip would be disrupted due to failures.

If a family of sparrows has settled on the roof of a building, this is a sign that soon a young man will come to the house to woo. Moreover, he will find his bride in this very building. However, the sign says that if less than 7 months pass before the wedding, the newlyweds will face constant conflicts and difficulties with the family budget.

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