Spoon falling signs and superstitions

Many people do not attach importance to things that happen every day. Few people know the meaning of a sign about dropping a tablespoon or a teaspoon. This sign will help the owner of the apartment determine who will soon come to visit and prepare for the arrival of the visitor in advance.

What does a falling spoon symbolize?

If a spoon falls on the floor, according to folk superstitions, it represents a woman who is in a hurry to visit the owner of the apartment. To find out who exactly is coming to visit after the spoon has fallen, you need to pay attention to the type of cutlery. For example, a teaspoon symbolizes a child, and a tablespoon symbolizes a woman in her prime.

In some countries, a spoon falling on the floor symbolizes a quarrel or disagreement between spouses. The sign acts as a warning. If in the near future situations arise in which anger, irritation or resentment is present, you need to suppress these negative emotions in order to avoid conflict in the family.

Signs about a fallen spoon

The correct meaning of a sign can only be found out if you take into account all the factors that accompanied this moment. For example, the time of day when the spoon fell, the type of cutlery, its size and material.

If, before falling to the floor, the spoon flipped several times in flight - the woman will come to visit for practical and correct advice, which she expects from the owner of the apartment.

When a spoon filled with a liquid or bulk product falls and it splashes onto the floor or clothing, the unexpected guest will ask not only for advice, but also for financial assistance.

    To know exactly how much money she will ask for, you need to pay attention to the material from which the cutlery is made:
  • plastic spoon falling indicates a very small amount;
  • a wooden spoon will indicate a large, serious amount of money;
  • dropping a spoon of any other metal warns of serious financial expenses.

The more expensive the material of the spoon, the more money the guest will require.

If the spoon ends up on the floor as a result of your own anger, this promises financial losses.

A spoon can not only fall out of a person’s hands while eating, but also fall off the table due to carelessness. In this case, the interpretation of the sign has a slightly different meaning.

If the cutlery fell due to the awkwardness of one of the spouses, this means that he/she devotes little time to his/her significant other. To save the family, it is necessary to reconsider the relationship.

If it didn’t just fall from the table to the floor, but flew straight out of the plate and scattered the remains of food everywhere, this warns against an unpleasant visit from a woman with dark thoughts. To maintain harmony in the house, it is better to avoid such guests from coming into the house.

When a spoon fell from the table, but one of the household members managed to catch it on the fly, this indicates that a certain woman had just planned to visit. If nothing was damaged when the spoon fell and everything remained clean, this is a sign that the visitor’s intentions are extremely friendly.

Tablespoon fell meaning

The interpretation of the sign also depends on the type of cutlery. If a tablespoon falls, this means an adult woman will soon come to visit. This could be a friend or relative.

There is no need to worry about this visit; the visitor’s thoughts and intentions are exclusively positive.

Teaspoon has fallen signs

The meaning of a folk sign has the opposite meaning if a teaspoon falls on the floor. First of all, the interpretation suggests that children will soon visit the house.

    When a small (dessert) spoon falls on the floor, you need to pay attention to the following details:

  • The side on which the cutlery rests. If the curved part is up, this means adult children will soon come to the house. The visit will be filled with positive emotions and experiences. When a teaspoon falls so that the curved part touches the floor, it means that the child will not only come to his father’s house, but will bring with him a whole baggage of serious problems.
  • If a spoon has fallen on the floor and its handle is looking at the table, this means the children will come to visit their parents simply to share their news or ask for advice. No serious decisions or worries will follow the meeting. When the handle of a teaspoon is directed in the opposite direction from the table, this indicates that the children will not just come to visit their parents, but will also ask for help.

A teaspoon falling late in the evening promises a coming visit from relatives who have small children.

How to neutralize a bad omen about spoons?

When you don’t have the energy to meet guests or you don’t want to see a woman in the house who has come with bad thoughts, you can prevent the effect of the omen.

    There are 2 ways to do this:
  • Before picking up the spoon from the floor, step on it.
  • Tap the spoon that fell 3 times on the edge of the table or its leg.

If you react correctly to the fact that a spoon has fallen, you can avoid possible problems and troubles in future life.

Sergii Haranenko

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