Superstitions about spilled water.

Folk omens about water.

Water is the source of life, without it a person cannot live even three days. It is not surprising that there has always been a special, reverent attitude towards it. Water was deified, worshiped. Let’s consider a number of signs about water that are known to people today.

Water spilled on the floor is a bad omen. In the near future, a person will make a mistake that will affect his future negatively. An accidental betrayal will be revealed, and a person will lose someone for whom he really has strong feelings. It is worth considering your actions and not be guided only by physiological instincts, control yourself. A mistake made due to inattention at work will result in the loss of an important contract, trust in business circles or deprive of your position. Any, even a small issue, must be approached responsibly and you should not shift your work to others.

Burning yourself with hot water is a bad omen. Soon a person will face serious financial problems. You need to be careful about shopping. Plan your spending and don't waste your money. In the near future, you should not make large investments or change the way you do business radically. All innovations and investments will be unsuccessful and will lead to deterioration in the financial situation.

If a married woman spilled water, this sign promises her problems with children. Kids will grow up lazy and wayward. You will have to spend a lot of time and effort to direct them on the right path. A simple ritual will help you avoid negative signs. Spilled liquid should be collected with a rag and squeezed next to someone else's house.

It is a bad omen for a young single girl if she spilled water from a holy spring. She will not soon find her soul mate and get married.

A fallen glass of water is a bad omen. There will be conflicts between your loved ones, work colleagues or superiors. You should keep your head down now. It is better to let some things pass by your ears and not pay attention to trifles. Sometimes it's better to show restraint and be smarter than your opponents. This will save your nerve cells and save you from unnecessary quarrels.

Treating a poor person with a glass of water is a good sign. By his act, a person returns all the hardships and problems back to fate.

Water remembers information

If you ask for health over a glass of water, and then drink it, this can improve еру person’s condition. However, if you "speak" to the water about illness, poisoning, troubles and misfortunes, then you are not advised to drink such water, so as not to create disasters for yourself.

The water that flows takes away troubles

If you say all your problems and misfortunes by the river with a fast current, the water will take them away from you. Accordingly, do not talk about something good, for example, about mutual love; otherwise it will swim far after the water.

Drinking water from cracked dishes - predicts illness

In no case should you drink water from a cup or glass with a chip or crack. It is believed that this will bring illness and other troubles.

Empty bucket - is a sign of quarrel

If there is a large water vessel in the house, it should not be empty. For example, you can’t put an empty jug or mug on the table, you should fill it at least a little.

Old beliefs about spilling water.

According to popular belief, accidentally spilling water is a bad omen, unlike spilled milk. Bad news is to be expected in the near future. The news may be related to work. The position that a person was counting on, and for which he spent a lot of time and effort, will go to someone else. The news may also concern the personal sphere. At home, a series of quarrels will begin. The accumulated mutual discontent will spill out into a conflict. By listening to each other and considering the claims, you increase the chance of finding the best solution and fixing the problem for good.

Another popular belief interprets that if you dilute tea with cold water, there will be imminent health problems. In the near future, a person's well-being will begin to deteriorate sharply, weakness and malaise will appear. It is worth putting aside all extraneous affairs and focusing only on yourself. It is necessary to undergo a full course of examination, find out all the causes of the problem and begin the treatment. If you neglect yourself, the results will be disastrous, a quick death is possible.

Spilling water on yourself

Let’s find out what it means if a person spills water on his clothes. For a young woman, pouring water on herself at the moment of washing is a bad sign. The girl will connect her life with a person who will experience cravings for alcoholic beverages. It is worth considering your decision. Are you ready to deal with your husband's problems all your life and endure them?

If a person accidentally poured liquid on himself, he should not worry. Folk wisdom predicts good news. If boiling water was poured, but the person did not get burnt, there is a high probability of receiving a number of good news at once in various areas of life.

Pouring a glass of water on the table

If a glass of water is spilled on food during lunch, this is a bad omen. In the near future, the weather will deteriorate, the sky will be covered with clouds, it will rain, and the thermometer will drop a few degrees. It is worth preparing your wardrobe and getting warm clothes.

Spilling water on the table - this sign is also associated with the weather. In the near future the sky will be covered with clouds and pouring rain. It's time to take out your rubber boots and look for an umbrella.

Since ancient times, water has been used to remove the evil eye and negative energy. It was a talisman and protector from dark forces. Today, water is often used to treat various diseases and relieve fatigue. It is up to you whether it is worth believing in the signs associated with the liquid.

Sergii Haranenko

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