Superstitious bans during menstruation

The period of menstruation in women is surrounded by many signs and superstitions, and this article will discuss why you should not preserve various products on “these” days and what else it is not recommended to do during this period.

Is a woman allowed to preserve food during menstruation?

Since ancient times, it has been believed that canning should not be done during menstruation, since destructive energy comes from a woman and any of her work will not bring positive result.

However, there is a rational explanation for this superstition. These days, a woman's body secretes a substance through the skin pores that has a toxic effect on products. This leads to the fact that preserved food starts to ferment, and the cans may get spoiled.

What else should not be done during menstruation?

    In addition to canning food during menstruation, women should avoid:
  • kneading the dough - it can turn sour, the pastries will not rise and will have an unpleasant aftertaste;
  • fermenting cabbage (making sauerkraut) or pickling cucumbers - these products will have a bitter taste, quickly darken and go rotten;
  • engaging in hand washing - the stains will not be washed off, and the person who puts on the washed clothes may soon get very sick;
  • sewing - the thread will constantly get tangled, and the sewn item will tear quickly;
  • using items made of iron - they will become covered with rust;
  • taking new knives for cooking - they will become dull in a short time;
  • cutting bread - the crumbs foreshadowed imminent financial problems for the people living in this house;
  • washing windows or mirrors - hard to remove cloudy spots will appear;
  • weeding a garden or planting a new crop - the crops will not sprout, most of them will rot;
  • getting a haircut, dyeing your hair or doing a perm - the hairstyle will not work, the hair will deteriorate, and the color will lie unevenly and wash off quickly;
  • holding a newborn child - you can unwittingly jinx the baby;
  • going to the funeral of relatives will negatively affect the deceased and prevent him from getting to heaven, because of which he can begin to persecute the living and even take them with him to another world.

It is not recommended to visit a dentist during period days or resort to surgical intervention without an urgent need - during this period, women have deterioration in blood clotting, which can lead to prolonged bleeding, and the installed fillings will fall out in a short time.

It is believed among the people that during her period a woman should not enter the temple (church) or touching the icons, so as not to pollute the face of the saint. The holy water drunk by her will lose its healing power, and a lit candle will burn for evil spirits.

Some people believed that a girl who visited God's temple during her period could get a beard grown. In addition, during menstruation, you should not undergo the rite of baptism or becoming a godmother.

Church opinion

In the Orthodox Church, it is not customary to believe in folk signs and superstitions - this is considered a sin, however, regarding a woman visiting the temple during menstruation, the servants of the Lord agree that these days it is better to refrain from going to church.

You should not believe all superstitions - if you want to preserve food on period days, feel free to get to work. To prevent the preservation from spoiling prematurely, pay maximum attention to the sterilization of jars and lids, and do all work with sterile gloves.

Sergii Haranenko

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