Sweeping bread crumbs off the table omens and superstitions

Why do people say that you should not sweep crumbs off the table with your hand?

In difficult times of hunger there were never any bread crumbs left on the table; people did not throw them away, but carefully collected them in the palm of their hand and finished eating them. As a result, a sign has developed according to which, by brushing away the remains of bread with his hand, a person shows that he is now in difficult time, without money. And even if, in general, life is going well, such an action can significantly worsen the course of affairs.

    Why shouldn’t you wipe off the crumbs with your hand?
  • Sweeping away crumbs/leftovers with your hand or a napkin can lead to unexpected troubles and misfortunes. The person will become the object of unpleasant rumors and slander. To avoid these troubles, you need to carefully grab the crumbs into your hand and put them in your mouth. This will protect you from all sorts of misfortunes and crises.
  • The sign has another interpretation: the remains of bread potentially contain the energy of the masculine and feminine principles, and if you sweep them carelessly with your hand, it means reducing this power in yourself.
  • Many types of failures and losses are possible: deterioration of the financial situation, bankruptcy, quarrels and scandals in the family.
  • For women, the sign indicates the likelihood of being left without a soulmate for many years, or fate will give you an ugly spouse. In addition, by sweeping away crumbs, the girl attracts conflicts with her mother-in-law.
  • As for a man, he should not sweep bread crumbs off the table with his hand as well: for him, this is fraught with a decrease in income. Job loss is also possible.
  • Swept and discarded bread can “punish” the culprit for disrespect and the labor required on its production.
  • There are also interesting superstitions, according to which you cannot sweep away bread crumbs even with your sleeve: this can lead to rapid damage to your clothes. And swiping it under the table (on the floor) will deprive you of luck, success in business and prosperity in family life.

If you do this action (sweep away the bread crumbs) in a dream, you should expect a bad mood and decrease in your own self-esteem.

In addition, you should not leave bread leftover after dinner until the morning. This can lead to illness, poor health, and failure. Only careful and respectful cleaning will protect against adversity. In order for failures to pass you by, you need to sweep the crumbs with a rag onto a plate or other dishes and not throw them away, but, for example, feed them to birds or animals.

Sergii Haranenko

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