Wasps made a nest: real-life signs and superstitions.

Many of us consider wasps, although useful, but very dangerous insects. If you have been stung by a wasp at least once in your life, then you probably can imagine how unpleasant it is. And if a person also has an allergy to wasp bites, then he will generally bypass any buzzing insect.

Why do wasps arrange a nest in the immediate vicinity of a human dwelling? Are they not afraid of anything? In fact, wasps are insects with a completely unpredictable disposition. They do not seek to find a secluded place for their house, therefore, nests can often be seen on the open balcony of a city apartment, outside the window or door of a private house, under the porch.

However, there is no need to panic. Consider the appearance of buzzing neighbors not a bad omen, but a kind of compliment: the fact is that wasps never settle in places with poor energy, and even more so in the immediate vicinity of bad people. So the nest is a sign that everything is in order with your house and its inhabitants. Of course, such an explanation is unlikely to satisfy a person who is panicky afraid of wasps, but before getting rid of dangerous tenants, we recommend that you get acquainted with folk signs about wasp nests.

The wasp house on the balcony is considered a good omen. For unmarried girls, such a “find” promises a coming marriage, which will certainly turn out to be happy. For spouses living together, a buzzing nest portends the imminent appearance of children. If insects have chosen the balcony of a large family or an elderly couple, the household will have a very successful year in terms of money.

The sign about “wasps making a nest outside the window or above the door” is also considered lucky. They say that winged buzzers will protect your home from any adversity.

A wasp nest inside an apartment or house is a real nightmare for those who are panicky afraid of these insects. Few will be delighted with such a surprise. In most cases, the owners, of course, will not let the insects finish their work, but you can reassure yourself that such a case informs about the very clean energy of the home and a lot of pleasant events that await household members in the near future.

There is one bad omen about the wasps/hornets nest: if the buzzing inhabitants suddenly left their home, you have a series of troubles ahead of you. It is worth taking a closer look at your health, thinking about where unpleasant news may come from, and implementing what has long been postponed.

You should not destroy the nest with barbaric methods. Popular belief says that the person who knocked down the hornet's house will face serious financial difficulties, and the one who killed or poisoned insects generally has an endless streak of failures ahead. Therefore, it is better to act humanely.

Sergii Haranenko

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