What does it mean when your nose itches? All about superstitions and real reasons.

How often were you thinking: “Why does my nose itch?” We are sure that this happened a couple of times and mostly probable, you have tried to figure out the real reasons for this, as well as remember the superstitions about itchy nose.

    Actually, there are a number of real physiological reasons explaining why your nose itches:
  • Allergy. You may have reaction for flowers in blossom, dust or animal fur.
  • Inflammatory process. Otitis or rhinitis may start from an itchy nose.
  • Dryness. Your nose mucus membrane may be too dry and that is why it may be itching. This may happen if the air in the room is too hot or dry.
  • Nose hair. You may just have too many hairs in your nose and they tickle you and make you wish to scratch it.

And what are the signs and omens and itchy nose?

If we talk about legends and superstitions, a nose is a delicate and finely arranged organ. It may feel many events that will happen in the future. Our body is giving us certain signals for a reason. Experts say that each of them not only corresponds to our inner well-being, but can also predict the near future. According to experts, this is primarily due to the psychological mood and the surrounding energy of space. And it, in turn, gives signals, communicating with us through subtle impulses of our consciousness.

So, here is what it means when your nose itches, according to superstitions and signs.

You will take alcohol soon. This is one of the most popular explanations for itching nose.

You will have a crushing hangover, especially if your nose itches during a feast.

An itchy nose means you will have some money pretty unexpectedly.

If you wish to scratch the left side of your nose (left nostril itches), you can expect good news. In case it is the right nostril (right side of your nose) that is itching, this means the news will be unpleasant.

If the tip of your nose itches, this means there will be a quarrel with someone close to you (someone this sign even predicts a fight).

So the nose can itch not only because you are being nervous. And not only for two common reasons among the people – that you may "get a punch in the nose" or "you will drink alcohol". Everything is much deeper. Experts have even invented the so-called "itchy diary", which helps predict by days of the week why your nose is bothering you.

Omens and superstitions: Itchy nose on days of the week.

What does it mean when your nose itches on Monday? This means you need to pay attention to work issues. Problems or unexpected difficulties may arise.

What does it mean if your nose itches on Tuesday? This sign predicts having fun, good company and guests.

Do you have an itchy nose on Wednesday? This superstition means a pleasant surprise or a nice gift.

And if your nose is itching on Thursday, you will meet a very nice young man or girl. And this acquaintance can easily grow into something more. Or, if you already have a soul mate, wait for an invitation to a date.

Does your nose itch on Friday? It's time to have fun and relax. Parties and a little alcohol are not forbidden. The main thing is to be moderate.

When your nose itches on Saturday, be careful with your finances! This sign promises you possible losses, and maybe even theft! It is better to refrain from making large purchases.

Well, if your nose itches on Sunday, be careful. You can easily quarrel with your loved ones.

It is important which part of your nose itches.

If this is the tip of the nose that is itching, pleasant meetings, fun feasts, great news and good shopping await yours.

But the itchy bridge of the nose portends some problems, troubles, quarrels and even ill health of someone close to you.

What does it mean if your right nostril is itching? Get ready for promotion and an enjoyable romantic adventure!

And if the left nostril is itchy, this means you should listen to your soulmate to avoid a major quarrel. And at work, be especially careful - your bosses are watching you!

Also, the itchy right side of the nose promises financial success, but the left one – means unforeseen expenses and monetary losses.

If the inner side of the nose itches, this sign predicts financial well-being. But the itch under the nose means a return to the former lover. Whether it will be successful or not - it depends only on you.

Itchy nose in men or women: meaning of the signs.

For women, a nose itching inside means trouble.

Is the right side of the nostril itchy? Get ready! There will be no end to men!

Does the left side of the nose itch? Your chosen one can deceive you! Be careful!

For men, an itchy nose on the right portends big profit.

But the wings (sides) of the nose itch as a sign of aggression and fights.

Well, if the tip of the nose itches, this means you should be restrained in relation to alcohol and do not trust random women.

Does your nose itch? Listen to the signals of the body, what if they are the very signs of the Universe, thanks to which you can look into your own future.

Here you can find interesting information about origins of omens and superstitions.

Sergii Haranenko

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