Why do we constantly want to sleep in spring? Our nutrition can change it!

In the spring you always want to sleep, even if you slept for 12 hours the day before! It seems that you need to rejoice - the warmth has come, vacation is coming soon, the sun will shine until late, but nothing pleases you. What you feel is apathy. The smile from your face is erased by a yawn. You want to curl up in a ball and not stick your nose out from under the blanket at all.

“This is because over the winter the body is used to shrinking from cold, darkness, and other restrictions,” the psychologist Svetlana Karlukova explains. - In winter, everything is aimed at preserving the organism; we do not have time to relax, to compensate for the costs. It is this physical stress and lack of satisfaction of the body that take away part of the mental strength.

In some areas the lack of vitamins (vitamin deficiency) is all-the-year-round, the nutritionists say.

So where can we get these mental strength?

Bright pillows and pleasant smells.

The psychologists believe that no matter how much you take vitamins in winter, the spring chaos will still overtake you. So can we not to avoid fatigue and bad mood?

Some people in advertising advise to pamper yourself every day. “Vitamins of Joy” should be taken every day. Scatter bright pillows on sofas and chairs, let potholders and towels in the kitchen be pleasing to the eye. Place flowers in beautiful pots on the windowsills.

Organize "aromatherapy" zones in your apartment. The tonus can be raised by the oil of orange, grapefruit, lemon balm. A few drops on a spray bottle - and just spray the air in the room. The scent of lavender and a little rosemary is very suitable for bed linen and a pillow. By the way, rosemary essential oil remarkably relieves headaches, and with changes in atmospheric pressure in the spring this is also a problem for many people.

The psychologists advise to include not only walking in your itinerary on the way to work, but also visits to flower shops. It is not necessary to buy bouquets, but even just a few minutes next to beautiful fragrant flowers will cheer you up. You need to saturate your house and body with pleasant smells.

Buy yourself perfume or even just a new shower gel. Even if you are on a diet, find an opportunity to pamper yourself with some goodies. Be sure to listen to music that cheers you up and find an object for love - even if it is just a stray kitten or puppy that you feed.

Let’s drink the "Cocktail of Happiness".

Nutritionist and gastroenterologist Angelica Nadezhina suggests fighting fatigue from the inside. It is important to consume fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Smoothies are very popular now. These drinks are healthier than juices because they also contain fiber. The method of preparation is simple: beat lettuce, herbs, apple, banana, kiwi, pear and a little water in a blender until it gets smooth. Fruits can be alternated, or you can take several different ones. The presence of greens in this drink will make up for the lack of folic acid. This acid is found only in greens. It is required because it participates in the synthesis of immune blood cells.

Ginger tea and spice dishes.

Green tea and ginger improve blood circulation and speed up metabolic processes. If you put a spoonful of green tea, add a slice of lemon, a little ginger and cinnamon into a thermos, you get a burning and very invigorating drink. It can be drunk even by those who have stomach problems, albeit in small quantities.

Fatty, smoked foods, foods with preservatives should be excluded because all this causes intoxication and overloads the liver.

Be sure to add sauerkraut to your daily diet. It will also help you cheer up - it contains a lot of vitamin C. Feel free to add spices into all other food - boiled meat, fish, vegetables: ground pepper, coriander, cumin, etc. All of them invigorate and cheer up. By the way, selenium is also "responsible" for immunity. To make up for its lack in the body, it is now worth adding nuts (pine nuts, walnuts and cashews) to your diet, and in the fall zucchini and squash will be useful for you.

Disclaimer: this article is not a direct guide to action! Always take into account the state of your body, possible health problems, allergies and other possible nutrition issues.

Sergii Haranenko

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