Why do we have bad dreams and how to stop having them?

Where do bad dreams come from? Each of us has bad dreams from time to time. But what is the reason we have nightmares and how to get rid of them?

Bad dreams are a reflection of our experiences related to recent positive or negative events in real life. In this way, the brain relieves the person of anxiety by neutralizing too bright emotions through dreams with an unpleasant or scary plot. Such dreams rarely come true, but their content may indicate mental or physical health problems.

If terrible dreams/nightmares began to disturb the dreamer constantly, this may mean that the person’s subconscious mind is trying hard to solve the accumulated psychological problems (anxiety, depression, fear, stress).

    What are the other common reasons for someone to have nightmares?
  • overworking or too intense physical activity;
  • drinking alcohol and drugs before bedtime;
  • overeating;
  • taking antidepressants / barbiturates;
  • discomfort during sleep (cold, stuffiness, loud noises, pungent odors).
    What to do to get rid of nightmares? To get rid of bad dreams, you should:
  • exclude the use of coffee and alcohol in the afternoon;
  • do not overeat or smoke at night;
  • provide normal conditions for sleeping (eliminate sources of noise and light that create discomfort);
  • regularly ventilate the room, do wet cleaning;
  • take a relaxing bath;
  • take a walk before bedtime, meditate, conduct a session of breathing exercises;
  • choose the right accessories for sleeping (a comfortable pillow and mattress, a blanket suitable for the season).
    Some interpreters give short general meanings for nightmares according to zodiac signs of the dreamer:
  • Aries – improvement of financial situation;
  • Taurus – troubles in professional sphere;
  • Gemini – fulfilment of desires;
  • Cancer – health problems;
  • Leo – apathy or depression;
  • Virgo – help from relatives or close friends;
  • Libra – changes in personal life;
  • Scorpio – having fun;
  • Sagittarius – problems at work;
  • Capricorn – implementation of a plan;
  • Aquarius – betrayal or treason;
  • Pisces – successful trip on vacation or on a business trip.
    The dreambooks give the following interpretations of bad dreams depending on who saw the nightmare:
  • pregnant woman – worries about the unborn child;
  • a married woman – an affair with a young married guy;
  • a virgin – means financial independence;
  • a man who is married – worries for your loved ones;
  • the bride – predicts pregnancy;
  • the groom – moving to a new place of residence;
  • a young girl – receiving wise advice from an influential person;
  • an unmarried guy – an affair with a woman who is married.
    Depending on when you had a bad dream, the interpreters state the following:
  • on Monday – stagnation in business;
  • on Tuesday – deterioration in health or illness;
  • on Wednesday – loneliness;
  • on Thursday – losses;
  • on Friday – appearance of a detractor;
  • on Saturday – the good news;
  • Sunday – meeting an old friend;
  • in the full moon – solving problems;
  • at the new moon – rest with your family.
Sergii Haranenko

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