Why don’t you have dreams?

Some people are not very lucky with dreaming: they either see dreams very seldom or do not have them at all. It is understandable that such situation upsets them since dreams leave the feeling of being a part of another life or another unknown world. There can be several versions of answering the question “Why don’t I see dreams?”

“Why don’t I have any dreams?” – the psychologists’ reply.

Psychologists say that the lack of dreams can be explained by a large overload of the brain during the day. The consciousness mercifully does not generate dreams, so that the mind can fully relax from the abundance of daytime impressions. That is why dreams do not occur during tiring travels or after a very active day. In this case, the answer to the question “what to do in order to have dreams?” Is very simple: you need to relax well before going to bed, expelling daily worries from your head.

There is another psychological explanation for why dreams do not come to us: adults remember only those dreams in which there was a certain amount of anxiety. And if a person is quite happy and satisfied with life, he is unlikely to dream of anything disturbing.

Why we do not dream in terms of biology.

From a physiological point of view, our sleep is divided into a fast phase and a slow one. We see dreams in any phase, but we remember them only if we woke up during the fast sleep phase, which lasts 10-20 minutes every hour and a half. If you constantly wake up in other phases, dreams are simply not remembered and therefore it begins to seem that you do not have them at all. From this position, the reason for not having dreams is obvious: a person simply has no luck waking up during the REM sleep phase. In this case, what to do in order to dream? Nothing, because, according to the biological view of a dream, to remember a dream plot is the same as winning a lottery game.

An esoteric explanation of not having dreams.

Esoteric teachings claim that dreams are memories of the soul about traveling to the astral part of the universe. In this case, the esoteric explanation of why we do not have dreams is the following: the soul has simply not traveled for a long time without a body. Or else the connection between the soul and the consciousness has failed, because the mind cannot remember the journey of the soul in the morning. Thus, the reason of not having dreams turns into a problem of a spiritual nature. Only your own subconscious, which is a kind of bridge between the consciousness and your astral body, can only tell what to do to watch dreams.

It should be noted that the phenomenon of a dream has not been studied until the end yet, because no one knows the final answer to question about why we may not see dreams. Maybe the right answer is one of the above. And, maybe, any other, completely unknown to either official or occult science.

Sergii Haranenko

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