Why should you not present candles, according to the signs?

Why should you not present candles, according to the signs?

A large number of signs and beliefs can be found today among the people. Some of them are at least somewhat explainable, others are completely absurd and cause bewilderment. Some people are quite superstitious, and therefore they take omens seriously. One of these superstitions includes the question of whether one may give candles as a gift.

Why you shouldn’t give candles – signs

It has long been believed that the wax from which candles are made tends to absorb energy – both positive and negative. When a candle burns, it releases this energy and fills the atmosphere around it. If the person who presented such a gift encloses bad energy in the wax, in this case something bad will happen to the person who received it.

Our ancestors believed that giving such a gift was a bad omen. The person who gave it could have introduced bad intentions and negative emotions that could affect the recipient of the gift. Therefore, they tried not to take such gifts from strangers, so as not to bring trouble and misfortune into the house. However, is everything so bad? After all, sometimes you want to please your loved ones with a beautiful candle as a souvenir.

When can you accept a candle as a gift?

    In what cases can you accept such a gift without fear?
  • if you trust the person giving;
  • if the candle is not made of wax;
  • the giving person is your loved one.

In such situations, you can safely accept such a gift and light it at any time, since the candle will not release evil energy that will harm you or your loved ones.

How can you tell if there are bad intentions in the wax?

Light a candle.

    It is not a good sign if:
  • the candle smokes;
  • emits an unpleasant odor;
  • goes out for no reason;
  • the fire is crackling;
  • the flame fluctuates.

In this case, get rid of it quickly. Take it away and bury it.

What kind of candles can one present?

Candles presented with good intentions are fragrant and fill the atmosphere with good energy. For this reason, people advise saving candles that have been on happy occasions, such as a wedding, the birth of a child, and various holidays. They are capable of burning energy waste indoors. It will give you positive emotions and even help you recover faster.

A candle is a good gift when you present it with positive thoughts and from your heart. Don’t be afraid to give and accept it from loved ones - they won’t wish you harm.

Sergii Haranenko

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