Why shouldn’t you sew clothes you are currently wearing?

The needle is used in many magical rituals, and while sewing, you can turn witchcraft to your own detriment, as well as bring misfortune to your home or relatives. Let’s find out why many people think that you should never sew clothes on yourself, what such an action is fraught with and how to avoid trouble from this household sign.

Why can't you sew clothes on yourself?

    At different times, there were beliefs why one is not supposed to sew clothes one is wearing:
  • Infection. In the old days, there were no antibacterial medicines, and the sewing tool was produced with rough forging of low quality - it had bumps and burrs, which was a favorable environment for bacteria. A prick with such a needle while sewing, especially in a hurry, could lead to the development of diseases such as tetanus or blood poisoning, and even cause death.
  • Business failure. Sewing in a hurry leads to a dispersion of attention due to which you can forget to do something important, which often becomes a cause of conflict with loved ones or colleagues. The knot made at the end of the item repair leads to the fact that in the future everything falls out of hand and problems arise at work. Sewing clothes on the run leads to a deterioration in the financial situation in the family.
  • Forgetfulness. It is believed that by sewing on a button or making a patch, you sew up your mind and memory.
  • Problems on the way. It is recommended to refuse to sew clothes you are currently wearing before a long journey - this will help avoid problems and accidents during the trip. Threads that get tangled while working mean that you will get lost and will look for the right direction for a long time.
  • Disagreements with spouse. A married woman who sews clothes on herself can contribute to a deterioration in relations with her husband and lead to serious quarrels.

Also, you should not sew on yourself on church holidays – this can lead to deterioration in general well-being and the development of diseases.

Sewing clothes on yourself while carrying a child can adversely affect the health of the baby. If knots appear on the threads, there is a risk of miscarriage, as this indicates tightening of the umbilical cord.

Do not use the needle that you found for sewing, as this item can be charmed and specially brought by envious people to your home. Repairing clothes on yourself will have a negative impact on energy, bring damage, illness and even death to you or the inhabitants of the house.

By sewing clothes on your body in the evening, you can call unfriendly spirits in the house, harm your health and doom yourself to long-term failure in all endeavors.

How to avoid the consequences of bad signs?

    There are several ways to avoid negative consequences when sewing clothes that are currently on you:
  • when mending clothes, you should keep a small piece of thread in your mouth - this will help preserve memory and clear mind;
  • when doing work, it is recommended to be in complete silence, tightly closing your mouth and biting your tongue - this way you can neutralize the negative effect of signs.

By following the recommendations, you can easily protect yourself and your family from the troubles associated with mending clothes on yourself. But you should not focus too much attention on such superstitions - many of them originated in the old days, and often do no harm.

Sergii Haranenko

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