Yoga of dreaming and Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra and dreams – for uninformed people such matching of sciences about love and the world of dreaming would seem absurd. But like any overall learning, Kama Sutra couldn’t leave behind such an important topic. Kama Sutra offers a number of practical recommendations, without which the correct understanding of dreams, and especially conscious control on unconscious reaction, is impossible. Besides that, as the teaching states, the person is capable of taking control of himself and the situation in the dreaming, but his physical and psychological readiness is very important for this.

The duration of a sleep is not as important as its quality. The majority of those who live in big cities do not rest and relax in a dream properly, unlike those who live in the country surrounded by natural environment. Many aspects of our environment influence the quality of dreams, disturb the dream and lessen its relaxing effect. In this case the person often wakes up tired and not relaxed properly.

Because of this many people take sleeping pills and tranquilizers that let them receive relaxation. Such sleeping has a great difference from the natural one. Some easy conscious preparations will help you achieve normal healthy sleeping without any pills.

It is not recommended to drink and eat a lot before going to bed. The digestive process goes well if it corresponds the sun cycles. All the organs function in a special rhythm at night and the stomach feels it much more difficult to cope with food. When overeating leads to drowsiness, it is also an unhealthy sleep. Tocsins from undigested food get into organism and lower the level of vital energy. That is why overeating leads to physical malfunctions and illnesses.

Mental and psychological condition also influences the quality of sleeping. It is worth taking a bath or shower, “switching off” all the daily chores after work. After that you can make several Yoga exercises, meditate, dance or do whatever helps your body and mind getting back to normal rhythm.

If the day turned to be very difficult, you were offended or upset, you can try improving the situation with the help of conscious breathing. Solar-lunar breathing is especially useful in this case. The pose of shavasana (the pose of a corpse) – on the back, without a pillow, relaxing the body parts one by one – also helps well getting ready for sleeping.

It is sometimes difficult to fall asleep because our thoughts are running, changing from one topic or problem to another. If this happened, you should try giving your thought the reverse motion. You should visualize the last thought that worries you, and then move to the one that was before it and so on. You will gradually get to the “neutral zone”, your mind will relax and you will want to sleep.

Making love is the best way to relax your mind and body. The exchange of natural love energies is a form of union that purifies your mind and renews your body. The time spent in bed before sleeping helps better “switch off” from the outer events of the day. Forgetting the problems, you concentrate on your partner and yourself.

A special section of tantric teaching studies specific techniques for gaining conscious control over the state of sleeping. They are characterized as “Yoga in a dream” and are directly connected with ability of consciousness to visualization. Psychoanalysis of a dreaming differs much from “Yoga in a dream” and leads to complicated discussions about meaning and content of dreams, but not to simple liberation or entering the transcendental. The first principle of “Yoga in a dream” is a look at the surrounding world as on a dream. The goal of yoga in a dream is to maintain the integrity of consciousness in waking and sleeping state. Creative approach and faith in final result are the main elements of this practice.

After taking a bath before bed you should do some easy breathing and meditative exercises and lie down on the right side. Such position helps maintain dominating of lunar breathing (related to the left psychic canal) that is the best for creative dreaming. Your legs should be in warmth, in socks or covered. When you practice yoga in a dream with a partner, you both should be lying on the right side, snuggled up to each other. The main issue on this stage is falling asleep with the desire to consciously enter the world of dreaming. The concentration conscious also helps remembering the dreams. In order to keep consciousness during dreaming one should develop the ability to transfer one dream to another. Different forms of initiations will start showing themselves as definite holistic characters.

In many magic texts of the West feminine and masculine forms of initiations are called incubus and succubus – evil spirits that seduce the dreamer. Medieval witches were accused of connections with these spirits. In the studies from the East, it is pointed out that these spirits are related to our previous lives. They are patrons, mystic and secret protectors or creatures from the outside world.

The western folklore about incubus and succubus is based on sexual superstitions, taboos and black magic. Uncontrolled ejaculation at night and erotic dreams were associated with devil’s tricks and evil spirits not so long ago. The modern psychoanalysis completely accepts the sexual nature of the majority of dreams. Tantric teaching states that through such mystic dreams the person can enter into his future lives avoiding rebirth.

When the dreaming becomes blurred, the main idea of its content can still be defined. You should choose the most significant image that gives integrity to the dream. Try to hold this image in your memory and estimate is as initiation to the world of unconscious. This method will help you wake up with remembering and understanding the content of a dream. Yoga in a dream is a source of inspiration and initiation outside timely and dimensional limits.

Sergii Haranenko

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