Alarm Clock Dream Meaning

What does a dream about an alarm clock mean? A dream of an alarm clock is interpreted by dream books as a reflection of a certain limitation. Perhaps in everyday life you do not have enough time, or you simply do not know how to manage it properly. In a more global sense, this is a hint that you will not be able to finish what you started.

Besides that, dreaming of an alarm clock means the risk of being late for an important meeting or unexpected news. Besides that, a wake-up call predicts taking part in a profitable endeavor.

If you happened to see an alarm clock, be prepared for a push that will make you get out of an inert state. Most likely, a very important life stage is coming.

Being essentially an ordinary clock, the alarm clock is associated with inevitability. Sometimes it indicates a certain date, age, and even describes the state of health.

In addition, the clock mechanism reflects the hope that will soon come true or, on the contrary, the fear that time is running out forever. But you can still make it!

What does it mean if in a dream you jumped from a sharp sound or the alarm-clock? This is a sign of increased tension, excitement from anticipation or expectation of something, and it makes no sense to interpret the vision. In reality, nothing like this is expected? Be on the lookout: events have developed into a single chain, and a real breakthrough will happen soon.

If you dreamed of your own alarm clock, this means you need to "open your eyes" and see the existing reality.

The ring of the alarm clock in the dream was so loud that you even woke up, it is possible that trouble will happen or someone close to you will fall ill and you will have to take care of him.

If you carried an alarm clock with you in a dream, this is a sign that you need to be as punctual as possible in everything.

You can hear the alarm clock ringing before unexpected news and good changes in business. But if it rang earlier or later than the appointed hour, this means you need to hurry.

The absence of numbers on the dial is a bad sign. Very soon an event will occur that will bring disappointment and even heartache.

At the same time, a properly working alarm clock promises joy, unforgettable and strictly positive impressions.

Turning off an alarm clock in a dream means that you are afraid of old age or that you simply won’t have time to fulfill all your grandiose ideas. However, the same action portends the opportunity to have a good rest from annoying worries or work problems.

If you were setting the alarm in a dream, prepare for deep disappointment, dissatisfaction, or unfair accusations. It also means that you will have a monotonous and rather boring job. It is recommended to seriously reconsider the usual rhythm of life.

Did you see in a dream you threw away the alarm clock? In reality you will get rid of outdated stereotypes, unnecessary habits, internal complexes. In any case, this is an auspicious dream.

What are the Top-5 bad dreams about alarm clocks?

  • A black alarm clock in a dream warns of deception.
  • Broken alarm clock - symbolizes depression.
  • An alarm clock on a mobile phone means strong worries.
  • An alarm clock on a wrist watch - an accident.
  • Giving an alarm clock to someone - the loss of a large amount.

What are the Top-5 good alarm clock dream meanings?

  • A white alarm clock in a dream is a sign of good news.
  • Red alarm clock - predicts returning the old debt to the dreamer.
  • Antique alarm clock - means useful acquaintances.
  • Repairing an alarm clock - mutual understanding in relationships with loved ones.
  • Setting it - receiving a leadership position.
Sergii Haranenko
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