Black Eye Dream Meaning

A bruise under the eye in a dream symbolizes negative qualities and memories that hinder progress. Miller identifies a black eye with the feeling of guilt.

Dr. Freud considers that a black eye in a dream represents former bad luck in love. The fear of new defeats is a barrier to new relationships.

One can also see bruises on your eyes after a real quarrel that hurt the dreamer, although it didn’t end up with physical arguments.

If a man sees a black eye in the night plot, this sign means that the dreamer does not always act according to his conscience and fears that his tricks will be revealed. Seeing a woman with black eye means the dreamer should revise his attitude to women in general. Showing disrespect or rudeness can be the true cause of loneliness.

If a girl sees herself with black eye in a dream, this means she doesn’t trust her partner, Denise Lynn thinks. Suspicion provokes numerous unpleasant conversations that can really lead to separation.

Preacher Loff considers this sign a precursor of getting important information.

If the girl has two black eyes, this symbol means she is afraid that her boyfriend is using her.

    The dreambooks give a number of interpretations for dreams about seeing another person with black eye:
  • An acquaintance who was seen with black eye in a dream will create many problems;
  • This person causes a feeling of insecurity, timidity, psychologically suppresses the dreamer;
  • The image in a dream symbolizes extreme hostility, hidden conflict, a thirst for revenge;
  • The one who was seen in the dream can be really dangerous;
  • A black eye on another person’s face warns against repeating the mistakes of others;
  • If the sworn enemy was seen hurt and with the black eye, someone will soon begin to harm you;
  • An ardent opponent with a bruise once again confirms your rightness;
  • The person who was dreamed with bruising eye will be undeservedly accused of something.

A daughter with black eye reflects the accumulated discontent and irritation towards her.

A bruise under the left eye means the temptation to get involved in a risky venture or trying a forbidden love.

Sergii Haranenko
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