Chicken Feet Dream Meaning

The dream interpretation considers chicken legs in a dream to be one of the most controversial symbols. The image seen in a dream can portend loss or profit, warn of danger, shed light on relationships with others.

If you dreamed of chicken feet, the interpreter of the Apostle Simon the Canaanite believes that business success can turn into family problems. According to Miller's forecast, one should be prepared for any surprises. As it turns out, a well-known person is behind what is happening, acting in his own interests. Troubles between spouses due to someone else's backbiting and intrigue are not excluded.

Outside interference is not always negative. It is very likely that an admirer or patron will present an expensive gift.

If in a dream you had a chance to buy chicken legs, the Female dreambook recommends not waiting for help. Such signs come to those who like to dominate, control, contradict. Sometimes the plot serves as a harbinger of moral and physical exhaustion.

If you managed to sell this offal in a dream, this means the circumstances will be favorable in reality. The Gypsy interpretation promises such high rewards that the risk of overeating increases.

According to the Old Dream Book, chicken feet that caused disgust in a dream, promise extremely unpleasant work: serving seriously ill patients, cleaning a public toilet, washing foul-smelling things.

In the dreambook from A to Z, an equally disturbing prediction is presented. A dangerous opponent goes on the offensive and does not intend to stop until he ruins someone’s life or drives one to madness with his actions.

    Dream Interpretations offer a variety of explanations for why you dream of using chicken legs for culinary purposes:
  • Cutting the chicken feet promises lack of attention;
  • Slicing them symbolizes a challenge ahead;
  • The aroma of the chicken broth promises a great deal;
  • A plate of broth portends replenishment in the family;
  • If you dreamed of chicken jelly, this means you will receive a gift;
  • Chicken leg jelly means additional income;
  • Cooking chicken represents household chores;
  • Smoked leg reminds of the dangers of gluttony.

If you dreamed of grabbing a live chicken by the legs, the Family Dream Book believes that someone is interested in the results of the dreamer's labor and would not mind appropriating them. These can be requests from relatives for some favors or small tricks of colleagues.

Another option is not excluded: the dreamer likes to be needed; he constantly offers support, sometimes not counting his capabilities. There is high risk of being left without energy and means in the end, mentally blaming your former wards for everything.

In dream books you can find interpretations of why chicken legs appear in dreams in unusual situations. If you dreamed of a hut on chicken legs, and you can't take your eyes off it, Veles's dreambook says that something draws out your vitality in a dream. Do not be surprised if you feel broken the next morning.

Why dream of how chicken feet run by themselves? In fact, you have to experience no less amazement. An acquaintance with cock spurs in a dream hides something important in reality.

Sergii Haranenko
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