Chicken Dream Meaning

The dreambook associated dreams about chicken with the female beginning, financial position, relationship with society. The symbol describes the situation in the family, encourages single people not to miss the chance to meet their second half. The behavior of the bird in a dream will predict unexpected events.

English dreambook considers a hen a harbinger of adversity. Farmers face crop failure, people in love will undergo separation, merchants will have financial collapse.

The French dreambook considers a dream about purely domestic non-flying bird a symbol promising an unexpected journey by plane.

Sigmund Freud sees in the image of a chicken the disregard for reproductive functions: childlessness as a conscious choice, deliberate indifference to sex, rejection of romantic relationships.

If you didn’t see the hens, but could hear their clucking in a dream, this plot means you should not underestimate those who spread gossip.

According to Miller, if the speech of a person you know was unintelligible and somehow reminded of hen’s clucking, the dreambook recommends disregarding his words.

Plenty of chickens in the poultry yard foreshadows increased labor, in return it offers a unique opportunity: to achieve what previously seemed unattainable.

If you were feeding chicken in a dream, Vanga promises a pleasant surprise or long-awaited meeting. Beautiful friendly chicken symbolizes well-being. Sometimes chicken in a dream can warn about guests’ visit. A hen striving to peck you predicts alienation in close relationships.

A Islamic dreambook personifies a chicken with a silly, but attractive girl. According to Islamic belief, caught animals foreshadow unexpected earnings. The Islamic dreambook associates cutting a hen with your own hands with sex with a virgin. The abundance of feathers is treated as a rational investment.

The dreambooks have a single opinion about interpretation of buying a chicken in a dream: any purchases will be successful now. Stealing hen in a dream is a symbol of hard work. If you caught an acquaintance stealing a bird, you will be given a chance to safely take advantage of other people’s work.

If you happened to catch a hen by the tail, you will be able to give someone close to you what he wants as a gift.

If you killed a hen with an ax in order to cook food, this means you will get valuable information. If everything around was spattered with blood when you chopped it, you should be careful with what you say. The hen found dead testifies to the cunningness of the enemy.

Gutting and cutting a chicken in a dream predicts positive changes and health improvement. Single bones symbolize moral damage. The gutted hen’s body reveals the dreamer's guilt in his own adversities.

Cleaning or washing chicken meat is a sign of the dreamer’s wish to get rid of destructive attachment and psychological dependence.

Chicken meat in a dream speaks for itself: a delicious carcass foreshadows good luck; stale meat is the evidence of trouble. Frozen meat predicts a successful completion of the project, the opportunity to rest.

Fresh meat personifies cheerfulness, enthusiasm, readiness for accomplishments. If you are served raw chicken, the actions of your business partners threaten to surprise you unpleasantly. The symbol reflects increased anxiety, needless dissatisfaction with yourself.

The dreambooks take into consideration the color of hen’s feathers. If you saw a dream about white hen, this image promises great success. A colorful chicken brings extra money waste; yellow one personifies envy; a red chicken is a sign that you need to be bolder; a brown hen is associated with worries; black chicken warns about uneasy choice.

    The interpretation of dreams about chicken also depend on the dish you were cooking:
  • Cooking chicken broth – overwork can harm you;
  • Chicken soup in a dream shows that your efforts are not in vain;
  • Smoked chicken – danger of occult attack;
  • Chicken legs – unreliable partnership;
  • Frying chicken fillet – you will have more chores;
  • Fried dishes also symbolize like-minded people;
  • Baking chicken – you will purchase something you wanted;
  • Eating someone else’s dish – beware of other people’s influence.

Seeing several chicken in a dream is a sign of troublesome, however, desirable events. The hen and rooster mean that profit will come from a dubious source. If the rooster tramples the chicken, there is confusion in work matters and in personal life.

A hen with chicks in a hen house can mean parental care. If the chicks are locked in a cage, anxiety about the children resembles excessive suffocating care.

Sergii Haranenko
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