Coal Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about coal? Coal is valuable fuel. It burns brightly, burns out slowly, gives excellent heat. People have long learned to mine coal, coke it and use it in everyday life and in production. Now you will not surprise anyone with a stove with coal, but there were times when this fuel was valued no less than gold. Few see it in a dream, but, nevertheless, such dreams are also seen. We propose opening dream books in order to get an interesting and detailed interpretation of these very dreams.

Did you dream of coal burning brightly in the stove? Miller's dream book considers such a dream a sign of future prosperity. But if the coals burn dimly and barely smolder – this means your life will be dull and boring in the near future.

Did you buy anthracite for home heating in a dream? This plot means you should be careful, someone will want to deceive you. You shouldn't believe everyone.

If you dream that you are raking coal that is still burning from the hearth, this means you will soon get rich in reality. Perhaps you will get a raise or a big bonus.

A dream in which you blow into the fireplace, fanning the coals, portends a quarrel. Watch your words and emotions if you value the relationship.

If you dreamed that you sweep the ash from the burnt coal – this is a symbol of love relationship cooling. For married people, a dream can mean a divorce, for single people - parting, a quarrel with a loved one.

Did you fill the stove with coal to ignite it? This is a very favorable time for large spending: whether it be buying or investing money in some business. In both cases, you will not go wrong.

If you dreamed that you were working in a mine and are mining coal, this means some long-standing problem that haunts you will soon be solved, Loff's dream book promises.

Do you dream that you are near an abandoned mine or are at its very bottom? The interpretation of a dream is unambiguous: you are in danger. Be very careful and vigilant in the coming days.

Seeing a large pile of coal is a sign of making many small, but pleasant and necessary purchases. If you are a shopaholic, then the next week is just created for you, all purchases will bring you great satisfaction and joy.

If you dream of someone pouring coke into a blast furnace, you will have a long and painstaking work, which, nevertheless, will bring satisfaction and good profit, Tsvetkov's dream book pleases with the interpretation.

I dreamed that you were shifting black anthracite stone sparkling in the sun from one pile to another with a shovel – this means the coming work would be attractive only at first glance. In fact, it will be wasted work.

Seeing that you are in the production workshop and see how crushed coal moves along the conveyor belt - you will hear gossip or unflattering reviews about yourself from colleagues.

Do you have a dream that you are walking on hot coals? You are at great risk when starting a new business for you. Do not rush to invest, you may fail.

Did you see that you are holding hot coal in your hands? Difficult trials await you, from which you will emerge with honor and dignity, the Moon Dream Book promises.

If you dreamed that you were walking on hot coals with wet feet and hear them hissing - you will hear good news soon.

Raking out the hot ash from the burnt coal with your hands means you should expect the hassle associated with the arrival of guests.

According to the Newest dreambook, burning anthracite in the furnace in a dream means getting rid of everyday troubles. Loading or unloading anthracite - predicts a collision with an ill-wisher. A dream about mining anthracite may be a sign of a respiratory disease.

Sergii Haranenko
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