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Hands Dream Meaning

Plots with the presence of hands in a dream can be completely different: you can hold someone, do something with your palms, see them dirty or damaged. The image details will help you get the correct interpretation of your dream.

Meaning of palms in a dream.

According to the Italian dreambook, seeing hands without any hint who their owner is, is a negative sign. This means that you are staying still in self-improvement, you are standing on the dead center, and you can’t move towards improving your life situation.

If a strong man’s palm squeezed yours, this is a positive sign predicting meeting with a wonderful person who will become your faithful friend.

Depending on their condition the dreambooks give interpretation of the fingers seen in a dream. If they were scratched or somehow hurt, you should be ready for troubles. It is quite possible that you will become a victim of thieves and lose some property.

According to Hasse, a woman’s hand symbolizes feminine beginning. In the worse interpretation this image means cheating of your beloved woman. But if the wrist is broken, or there are wounds on it, then expect the deterioration of the health of your second half.

Seeing well-maintained beautiful hands is the prediction of glory, which will be fully associated with your looks, Miller thinks. If the hands were ugly and deformed, you should be ready for troubles.

A right hand seen in a dream is a symbol of male beginning. If you saw a right hand, this is a sign of a new faithful friend who will help you get rid of financial problems, being selfless at the same time.

For those who were born in spring the dreambooks give negative interpretation of plot about hands. You need to be as careful as possible and not commit rash acts. Some ill-wishers will try to deprive you from the welfare you have earned with so many difficulties.

If you saw your gigantic, incredibly big palms in a dream, this is a promise of approaching your goal.

According to Medea’s dreambook, a wrist seen in a dream has unconscious meaning. You are being in constant moral and physical exhaustion lately.

If you saw a bracelet on the hand, this means that someone from your surrounding will make a brave act and this will cause your admiration. However if the bracelet was very simple and not nice, this can predict a scandalous story.

Holding something/somebody in your hands.

Holding a bird in your hands is a favorable sign, the dreambooks think. This image promises some profit if the dreamer renounces some of his principles.

A small playful kitten in your hands in a dream foreshadows good luck, but if he scratches, tries to jump down, then the interpretation of the dreambook has the opposite meaning - you will miss the chance that fortune itself gave you to achieve the goal.

If you rock the baby-boy in your arms, the predictions will concern health. If you are currently ill, your health will be improved, if you are healthy you will have energy burst.

On the contrary, holding a baby-girl in your hands is a negative sign. You will have a number of obstacles and problems on the way to your goal. Other dreambooks think that if a little girl was laughing and playing with you, you can expect a number of troublesome but pleasant chores associated with a coming holiday.

If you saw a snake in the hands of your acquaintance, the dreambooks recommend following this person’s advice more often.

If a married woman saw a dream about wedding ring on a hand, this is a sign of coming divorce. If an unknown person put a ring on your finger, this means that all your problems will be solved soon with the help from outside.

If you saw a ring on unknown person’s hand, you may not worry: this is a symbol of some happy event. Maybe you will be a guest at somebody’s wedding.

Seeing watch on the hand is a symbol of ending some business that you started. You shouldn’t be in a haste since you may miss some issue that will ruin everything.

To paint your fingernails in a dream means to find something valuable. If the nails were longer than in reality, then you can expect profits from what you find. A bright shine on the nails predicts receiving good news.

Injured limbs.

If you saw blood on a hand you can be unfairly accused by your relatives. Any act, even made absolutely with pure and disinterested intentions, will cause resentment among your relatives.

A wound on a hand is an unfavorable sign. As a symbol of friendship your wrist represents your relations with friends. If your hand was injured this means there will be a conflict between your friend and you and you will not be able to communicate freely.

If your hand was cut off in your dream, this unpleasant image predicts a number of problems. Close relatives will turn away from you, because of your inability to maintain normal, friendly relations.

A hand bite is usually considered a bad sign. If a cat bit you, you can expect betrayal from a woman; dog’s bite is a symbol of a quarrel with your family; if your partner bites your palm, you may be sure that your woman is faithful to you.

If you happened to see a broken hand, you should take a better care of your relatives: one of them might get into a very unpleasant situation. If the broken limb was incredibly swollen, the dreambooks consider it a symbol of getting rich.

If you bite your woman’s hand in a dream, you may be sure she will never cheat on you. If the person you bite in a dream was unknown to you, you should beware of a serious illness.

If you happen to be in a difficult life situation and you see someone’s hand stretching to you in a dream, you may be sure to forget about your troubles.

If a deceased person beckons you, takes your palm in his, then this means that you miss your beloved one who has passed away. It is urgent to get out of the world of regrets, otherwise you will ruin yourself.

If you had golden hands in a dream, this is a symbol of bad luck in business. According to other interpretations this image predicts career growth.

A knife in the hand of the gangster is a sign of change on the love front. If you are in the depth of romantic relations now, you will soon face big disappointment in love. An on the contrary, if you have problems with your personal life at the moment, you will soon meet your soul mate.

Different actions with hands.

If someone carries you on his hands in a dream, this means that your new small endeavor may turn into a profitable business. But if you were carrying somebody, you can expect a lot of hard physical work.

A dreamer who is carried in someone’s arms in a dream can hope for the support of his faithful friends. He will soon face some difficulties that he will not be able to solve on his own and will need to ask his friends for help.

If an unknown man started to kiss your hands in a dream, there is a possibility you will meet a skilled liar who can thoroughly spoil your life.

Take somebody’s hand is a symbol of your sexual interest to this person, if seen by a woman. If you are pulled by the palms, the dreambooks advise to listen to the advice of your beloved ones: they protect you from all sorts of adversity, no need to oppose it.

If a young man whom you like tried to take your hand, you will soon hear his declaration of love and offer to have serious relations.

Waving your hand in a dream not noticing anyone around is a symbol of overwork that falls on your shoulders.

If you currently have a difficult life situation and you were leading a child by the hand in a dream, this is a sign that your problems will be solved soon and you will find the best decision for your dilemma.

Washing hands in a dream has several interpretations. If the water was ice-cold this is a symbol of having fun in a big company. If the water was hot, it is a symbol of hard work that will bring good results.

Catching a bird with your hands is a sign of success. If you are a gambler, you can have a big winning. If not, you might have a very interesting and well-paid project at work.

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Sergii Haranenko

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