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Copper Dream Meaning

According to Miller, to see copper in a dream means that you will quickly advance in your profession, but with this quick and seemingly steady upward movement, you will secretly be afraid of falling, betraying of good luck and this fear will be in vain.

To see copper objects in a dream - portends that people in a high position will exert pressure on you, the Modern dreambook states. To see items from yellow copper (brass) means that you will quickly reach heights in your profession, but during this ascent you will subconsciously experience fear of letting people down.

Shiller-Shkolnik’s dreambooks predicts peaceful life without problems if you saw copper items in your dream.

According to the Dreambook of the 21st Century, copper symbolizes happiness, success, harmony in relations. Copper chain seen in a dream is a symbol of sensuality. Purchasing a copper item is a promise of wealth and fame.

Copper in a dream also represents pressure of someone on higher positions.

Copper money means that your work will bring low income.

Sometimes copper in a dream is a sign of unrequited love and unfulfilled desires.

A lightning conductor from copper may indicate a need to divert someone's anger, English dreambook says. And this value is enhanced if in a dream copper was worn as an ornament or jewelry. Its rich color can symbolize autumn, or the hair of a person with a hot temper, or a furious, fiery passion.

Sergii Haranenko

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