Jewelry Dream Meaning

To see a lot of jewelry in a dream - to success, recognition in society, career growth. But only if you dreamed that you happened to buy them, steal, or receive them as a gift. But dreams of losing the jewels, well-known dream books interpret not very positively.

Finding gold, silver, pearls in a dream - to the embodiment of the wildest desires. Dreaming means that you reach the goal by spending a minimum of energy and strength. If you dreamed of rings, earrings with stones, get ready for a serious acquaintance that would entail a marriage, or a strong relationship for many years.

    In order to receive correct interpretation of dream about a lot of jewelry, Miller offers remembering the details:
  • Buying jewelry – honors, awards;
  • Finding jewelry – fulfillment of your plans and ideas;
  • Stealing jewelry – a sudden luck;
  • Losing jewelry – misunderstandings, breaking the relations.

Seeing yourself in a classy salon, choosing jewels with precious stones, buying them in a dream - to a sharp rise in your public life. For a man, a dream means getting a new position, recognition of his authority at work, at home. For a woman, this is a signal about the appearance of a reliable protector in her life.

The dream interpretation of Nostradamus guarantees a coming marriage if you have a dream of paired jewelry with or without stones. Necklaces, bracelets with diamonds indicate the serious intentions of a partner. Engagement, marriage proposal - exactly what the dream of earrings, rings, received as a gift means.

Finding jewelry lost a long time ago in a dream - to reconciliation with a loved one or someone close to you. Especially if you dreamed of earrings, necklaces that were presented by him. In addition, business success awaits all those who have seen sparkling stones on themselves.

Tsvetkov’s dreambook promises financial success. Worthy of reward will be people who stumbled upon chests and safes with jewels. But holding fake jewelry is not always good. Most likely, you will face deception by colleagues, partners, competitors.

The dreambook of Vanga views in two ways a plot about losing a piece of jewelry. On the one hand, the interpreter warns of the appearance of an evil, envious rival. On the other hand, it guarantees deliverance from severe ailments. It turns out that to remain without embellishment is the same thing as sacrificing the most precious things in order to gain the health of one’s own and close people.

To discover the theft of jewelry, to remain at one moment without favorite rings, bracelets in a dream - to changes in personal life, at work. To notice the substitution of expensive jewelry for bijouterie - to betrayal by colleagues, management.

Seeing mother-of-pearl jewelry in a dream is a symbol of brilliant acquaintance.

Sergii Haranenko
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