Dirt On Shoes Dream Meaning

The dirt on shoes will not make you happy either in reality or in a dream, because it means annoying blunders and failures. According to Miller, dirt on the shoes means problems in life - you will be critically unlucky in all matters related to household and personal life.

If you happened to see your friend’s or relative’s shoes covered with dirt, you should warn this person about coming troubles. Dirty child’s shoes mean difficulties in your relations with him and problems understanding each other.

If you blurred your shoes in dirt in a dream and didn’t care about this and kept walking in them, the Eastern dreambook assumes that your conscience is not clear, so you calmly react to the fact that the shoes do not look good. But, if you walk in public and are ashamed of dirty shoes, then you feel uncomfortable with the fact that you have spoiled someone’s life.

If you tried to get your shoes dirty on purpose, this means you are trying to hide some unpleasant truth about yourself from other people.

Washing or cleaning up shoes from dirt is a sign of life changes for the better. Cleaning children’s boots in a dream is a sign that you are trying to improve your relations with your child. This interpretation is especially correct if you have a teenager child.

Cleaning and washing your husband’s shoes in a dream is a symbol of your great devotion to him. Dusting your old shoes and waxing them is a sign of “resurrection” of old hopes.

To wash away dirt from the boots of your chief in a dream or to wash the dried dust is a symbol of the desire to curry favor.

    The dream details will help you get better interpretation of the night image:
  • you see in your dream that you managed to wash off the dirt on your shoes - joyful events;
  • you dreamed, that could not wash off the mud - protracted difficulties
  • rubbed dirt from sneakers in a dream - you should not plan a trip;
  • you saw your smart shoes smeared out - misunderstanding with the opposite sex;
  • seeing dirty children's sandals - attempts to establish contact with your child.
Sergii Haranenko
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