Duel Dream Meaning

Duel dream symbolism

What does a dream about duels mean? A duel often symbolizes conflict, confrontation, or unresolved disputes. It may represent inner conflicts within yourself or conflicts with others in your waking life. The duel in the dream could reflect a need to confront and address these conflicts directly.

A duel can also symbolize personal challenges or obstacles that you are facing. It may represent a sense of competition, the need to prove yourself, or a desire to overcome difficult situations. The dream may indicate your determination and willingness to confront challenges head-on.

Dreaming of a duel can symbolize the need to assert yourself and stand up for your beliefs, values, or boundaries. It may indicate a desire to defend yourself against perceived threats or unfair treatment. The dream may reflect your inner strength and resolve to protect your interests.

A duel in a dream can also represent inner conflicts, conflicting desires, or indecisiveness. It may reflect a struggle between different aspects of your personality or conflicting goals and priorities. The dream may be urging you to find a resolution or make choices that align with your true self.

Sometimes, a duel in a dream may not have a literal interpretation but instead use the symbolism of a duel to convey a different message. It's important to consider the specific details, emotions, and personal associations in the dream to understand its meaning for you.

Dreaming about duel

A duel seen in a dream means that you are not sure about the correctness of the recently made decision, the Gypsy dreambook states. The outcome of the duel will show whether it was correct or not.

The Newest dreambook considers a duel a sign of a surgery or reconciliation with an ill-wisher against your will.

Taking part in a duel in a dream means that in life you are usually actively trying to solve the problem that has fallen on you in this way. It doesn't even occur to you to take detours.

Directness in this case is not one of your virtues, and you are well aware of this, but it seems unworthy to cheat and try to smooth out sharp points.

Just seeing a duel in a dream means that in real life, you tend to remain neutral.

You are loyal and objective towards people. Both your boss and your subordinate can rely on you. However, they should not even hope that you will take sides in a conflict situation.

According to the 21st century dreambook, watching someone duel is a sign that you are in trouble due to jealousy.

Taking part in a duel is a warning of future anxieties and worries, but in the end you will come to a successful solution to problems.

The Universal dreambook thinks that if you challenge an opponent to a duel, this indicates that your relationship with your partner leaves much to be desired.

The Alphabetical dreambook thinks that a dream inspired by the impressions from a historical novel you read or from a movie you watched, in which a duel appears, - such plot speaks of your courage, selflessness and determination to defend your interests to the end in the fight against a strong enemy. If the duel that you dream of takes place with swords, a sad surprise awaits you. If the duel participants fight with pistols, everything will end successfully.

Dreaming of a movie in which the heroes fight in a duel, but everything ends peacefully, no one dies, predicts a skirmish that ends without a fight.

Here is how Dr. Freud explained dreams about duels. A duel, being, like a fight, an act of violence, has a very similar symbolic interpretation as a sexual act.

If you challenge your opponent to a duel, this means your relationship with your partner is harmonious and gives you great pleasure, Freud thinks.

If your beloved provokes you to a duel, this indicates your cooling towards her.

If you are called to a duel, this is a sign that there has been a crack in your relationship, the cause of which may be the infatuation of one of the partners by someone else.

If you provoke a duel between other persons, this indicates your (maybe hidden) homosexual inclinations.

If a woman provokes a duel with the participation of her beloved, this indicates her increased hysteria.

Sergii Haranenko
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