Eating Rice Dream Meaning

Rice is considered to be an ambiguous symbol in a dream. Eating rice usually means changes related to money and the fulfillment of some modest desires.

Miller’s dreambook promises harmony in the house and family happiness in you were eating rice in a dream. If the girl had to cook dishes from rice, then soon she will have pleasant duties, perhaps she will simply get married.

Such plot also means that if you are consistent and do not give up on your plans, you will reach the goal relatively easily.

Eating pure boiled rice in a dream symbolizes good health and longevity. Sometimes the dreambooks believe that it warns about the need to save. Especially on food.

If you happened to eat burnt rice, then you or one of your relatives will have a serious problem that can be solved only with the help of a rather large amount of money.

The rice taste also plays an important role in dream interpretation. For example, if rice was tasty and sweet – it is good; tasteless – bad; spicy - means danger; bitter – disappointment; bland, tasteless - boredom, dissatisfaction.

    The dream interpreters also take into consideration who ate rice in your dream:
  • A man - an unsuccessful investment.
  • Woman - unwanted pregnancy.
  • An ill person - a speedy recovery.
  • Healthy - the disease.
  • Poor - improving the situation.
  • Rich – devastation.

A lot of tasty-looking freshly boiled rice predict wealth and happiness. If the boiled rice looked unappetizing, was dark or there was little porridge out of it, then you should get ready for a serious lack of finances. In addition, you will have to spend even what you gathered up to this point.

If you saw another person eat rice in your dream, this means that your relative or friend will get profit.

A dream about meat pilaf promises unexpected promotion at work. Seeing an average rice porridge with meat that only looked like pilaf means you will have to face serious costs due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you were eating sweet rice porridge and found raisins in it, this can be a symbol of big surprise; you can also be expecting a sudden phone call after which you will forget about everything and will solve an urgent problem.

Seeing and trying tasty milk rice porridge means you will have to thank some authoritative person who will be able to help you with some issue.

If you had to eat rice stuck together in lumps, then some plan will be stuck due to the fact that you didn’t think it over enough. If the rice was too watery, you will have some worries and ado.

Eating dirty rice predicts scandals with your loved one; ideal rice is a symbol of joy and satisfaction.

Sergii Haranenko
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