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Pregnant Dream Meaning

pregnant woman

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about someone's pregnancy? If you saw a pregnant woman in your dream you should not always take the image literally. For example it can mean birth of a new idea or realization of your plans. The dream is very favorable for a woman who is already pregnant, it means she is absolutely happy about her state and will have easy and successful labor. If you are eagerly expecting the great news in reality, the symbol of pregnancy in your dream is a very good sign. If an unmarried girl who is not thinking of pregnancy yet saw this dream it means it is not the best time for marriage now.

If a man sees unknown woman pregnant he should be ready for some problems and remain strong. If a woman is pregnant with twins it is a symbol of double luck usually connected with financial sphere.

Did you dream about someone you know being pregnant? Dreams about pregnant relatives mean you will have some interesting unexpected news, mostly probable connected with your family. If a lady sees her granddaughter pregnant it is a symbol of new beginning, positive changes in the life of one family member will be reflected on all of them. Seeing your daughter pregnant can symbolize that your child decided to take her own secret decisions. Seeing your mother pregnant promises you big profit.

pregnant lady

What does it mean when you dream about pregnant animals? A dream about a pregnant cow is not very positive - either your plans will not come true or you will be disappointed with the result, you should take care of alternative options. A pregnant horse is a wonderful sign for creative people, this dream is a promise of a new masterpiece birth. If you saw a pregnant dog this means that one of your friends or neighbors will be pregnant soon.

Seeing a pregnant rat will bring you a number of household cares, you may initiate reconstruction or some kind of rearrangement. Pregnant spiders mean there are gossip against you. If a man sees such a dream it means he has to pay more attention to his personal life and it shows high fertility at the same time.

If a woman was hugging a pregnant lady in her dream it means she will have an important event soon. The same dream for a man is a chance to show his generosity and honor. Seeing a woman giving birth brings you troubles and worries. A woman who saw her man/husband pregnant wants this man to take responsibility for her in reality.

If you saw a pregnant child in a dream, it means you will be much surprised and this can change your ideology. A pregnant bride promises positive changes in all the spheres of your life except for romance. A dream about pregnant woman in a wedding dress symbolizes unsuccessful marriage or troublesome acquaintance.

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