Eating Soup Dream Meaning

What it means to dream about eating soup? Often the dreambooks call such plot a pleasant sign promising improvement, help from friends, love at first sight. However, sometimes this vision in a dream warns about problems in relations with relatives, discontent, futile efforts.

If you were eating soup together with your friends from one plate, this image means you are surrounded by faithful people who will always support you when required. Seeing a friend eating soup in your dream means this person will help you improve your financial situation.

If your acquaintance was eating soup at your place, this means now is a good period to improve your life.

Cooking and trying soup at some event together with your friend is a sign of crisis in your relations with this person.

Eating soup in prison in a dream means there will be some events that will affect your life badly.

Eating yesterday’s cold soup right from the pot means you will soon feel dissatisfaction but it will pass fast. Warming the soup up means the dreamer’s life will be improved soon, he will just have to put some efforts.

If the soup was hot and very tasty, you will have some pleasant duties. Oversalted soup predicts passionate love. Eating soup with big wooden spoon is a very favorable sign predicting strong health. If an ill person sees such image it means he will recover soon.

In general, seeing a spoon in a dream is a very favorable sign. The bigger it was, the better. So, eating soup with big spoon is a very positive plot.

If you ate soup in a dream and were in great mood, this image predicts wonderful events. If s such plot was seen by a young woman, this image predicts perspective acquaintance or even marriage.

If a girl cooked tasty soup in a dream, this means she will marry a rich man and will not have to do difficult household chores.

If you ate pea soup in a dream, this means you will have to go through not very favorable time without taking any action. Also, pea soup in a dream warns against empty talk, which can take a lot of time.

    The dream interpretation can also depend on what kind of soup was present in the plot:
  • mushroom soup - stable well-being;
  • pea - efforts will prove ineffectual;
  • chicken - you are greatly influenced by someone else's opinion;
  • Georgian Kharcho - quarrels;
  • milk soup with noodles - too much domestic turmoil;
  • vegetable noodle soup - large, but one-time profit.

Also, a dream about mushroom soup foreshadows a happy quiet life. In addition, to see and try mushroom soup means the dreamer will have a secure future.

Sergii Haranenko
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