Electricity Dream Meaning

Dreams about electricity are directly connected with the person’s moral and physical tension. Electricity symbolizes conflicts and the dreamer’s exhaustion. Seeing light from the electric bulb or other electronic device represents a chance to find out something important.

An electric shock in a dream means that you will absolutely fail in all your beginnings and experiments in the spheres that are unknown to you. You should better give up your intentions or consult experienced specialists. A dream where you survived after electric shock means you will have some conflict at work or manufacture.

    Electric details and devices seen in a dream will give you detailed explanation of the night plot:
  • Electric wire – is a warning about danger;
  • Electric socket – shows that the dreamer has too much tension that can influence his health badly;
  • Transformer – you will have a tensed and responsible task;
  • The indicator light is on – is a promise of new big feelings;
  • A switch – tells you that you are making right decisions.

According to Miller, if you saw torn wires hanging down from the pole, this means you will have some very difficult task and will have to spend a lot of time on it. The dreambook advises to alternate work and rest, otherwise you will have exhaustion and stress.

If you dreamed that digging the ground, you stumbled on the wires, triggering a short circuit, you should be extremely careful, such plot predicts an accident. Short circuit that you have to fix yourself also warns you to be very careful doing new or unusual work.

A sparking electricity shield in a dream is warning you about conflicts with people around you. Try to behave neutrally these several coming days because your words or actions can become a reason for a huge scandal. A dream about sparking electric kettle is telling you about conflicts and misunderstandings in the family or with your lover. If you saw that the electric bell was stuck, and it was ringing continuously, this means you should take a better look at your friends and family, they might need your help.

Electricity symbolizes the dreamer’s life energy and any broken or sparking electric devices represent negative energy around him. Such circumstances seen in a dream can lead to a shocking situation in real life. If you saw a dream that there was not enough electricity to make some device work, this means you are lacking life energy. You should pay much attention to your rest and nutrition.

Turning off the electricity in a dream is a symbol that the dreamer will lose hope and a period of apathy will start soon. Turning the electricity on is a symbol of sudden insight. A dream about paying electricity bills predicts getting interesting news.

Fuses out of order indicate that the internal system for regulating life flows is out of order, you need to relax in order to renew your own potential. A dream of a weak discharge indicates weak energy that needs to be replenished; strong discharge - indicates the need to direct your energy in the right direction.

If the electricity was turned off in the house at an inopportune moment, this means you will have to regret the missed chance or the offer not accepted earlier.

Receiving electric shock in a dream due to faulty electrical wiring, according to the dream book, speaks of cardinal changes that directly affect the life of a sleeping person.

Grabbing a bare wire and running into a strong discharge indicates that in reality the dreamer will experience powerful emotions associated with pressing matters or problems. Intentionally doing this in a dream means a special escalation of the situation in order to find out the answers to questions of interest.

According to another interpretation, seeing a bare wire in a dream indicates that the dreamer's patience is at the limit, and, bursting, can cause a grand quarrel or even a scandal, which will lead to the collapse of plans and ideas. To die from electrocution in a dream - means that seething negative emotions will cause conflicting feelings in the dreamer himself.

If you happened to see that someone was being executed in an electric chair - get ready to resist the machinations of ill-wishers and cope with formidable obstacles. To die on this instrument of execution yourself means the need to look at the existing problem from a completely opposite perspective.

A Modern combined dream book describes why one dreams of getting electric shock. The dreamed vision warns that you should not take decisive action in those areas in which you are not a professional.

Sergii Haranenko
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