Empty Bucket Dream Meaning

In the post-Soviet countries we are used to being wary of a person with an empty bucket (this is a superstition predicting misfortune and “empty pockets”, i.e. lack of money, if someone crosses your way with an empty bucket in his hands). However an empty bucket seen in a dream has a lot of interpretations, depending on the role in a plot and external signs.

According to Freud's dream book, any container symbolizes female nature. By the way, if an empty bucket was present exclusively as household utensils, then it doesn't really matter whether it was filled with something or not. It is much more important how neat it was.

If in a woman's dream the vessel shone with cleanliness, this testifies to the lady's sex appeal, and if she dreamed about a dirty bucket – this speaks about promiscuity and casual relationships. Why do you dream of having a couple of cauldrons? This means the beloved one will cheat on the dreamer, but she is not ready to part with him.

Seeing a sparkling milk pail standing among other utensils in the pantry, in exemplary order predicts prosperity in the house.

Why do you dream of cleaning or repairing a bucket? A woman who has washed the bucket to a shine in a dream wants a child. And the one who saw a broken leaky bucket should visit a venereologist as soon as possible.

For a young lady who dreamed that she had a chance to find cute buckets in the store, the dream books predict a coming wedding. A lot of such goods on the shelves mean that family life will be abundant.

If there turned out to be no buckets in the store, this means that the girl has not yet met her soul mate. Why does one dream that there is a mess in the store? This is how your confused personal relationships are projected in a dream.

When a man holds an empty bucket in his hands, he pays attention first of all to what it is made of:

To carry a steel bucket - means a conflict conversation.

Seeing an aluminum bucket in a dream - is a sign of poverty, which you have to come to terms with.

Holding a dull aluminum bucket in your hands means loss.

If you dreamed of an enameled glossy bucket - you will receive the long-awaited notification and this is a sign of successful endeavors.

Dreaming of an empty bucket for a childless lady is a bad sign: the problem of infertility will remain relevant for her. Pouring clean water into it means that the desire to have a child is huge and not all ways of helping have been tried yet.

Anyone who dreamed of emptying a bucket will send significant funds to charity. Your wallet will become lighter, of course, but not for long.

In his dream book, Miller assigned an empty bucket in a dream the role of a harbinger of crop failure and hunger. However, he explained: for a young married woman, carrying it is a sure sign that joy and prosperity will come to the house.

So, what is the dream of an empty bucket in the hands of a person who meets you halfway? According to dream books, both in a dream and in reality, one omen works - this is a harbinger of ruin. If originally it was intended for garbage, this means it will not do without a scandal.

Carrying it yourself has a different interpretation of a dream: you have a vessel for profit in your hands, and it is in your power to fill it.

Sergii Haranenko
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