Fish With No Head Dream Meaning

Traditionally alive fish and fish without head have quite different interpretations. The dream about dead fish without head is not always negative, but in majority cases it really tells about worsening of your life situation.

If you saw a dream about salted dried out fish without head on your table, this plot means that someone will disturb your peace and reopen your heart wounds.

Fried fish seen in a dream means you should wait for the unpleasant news, and smoked fish predicts a trip that will be spoiled by a random event.

It is easy to guess that if you saw a dream about goldfish without head and tail, your wish will not come true.

According to Miller, if you bought fat fish for frying without head and tail on the market, you can be expecting joy and welfare in the family. A frozen or fresh fish without head and tail most often appears as a sign of preoccupation with household chores.

Fish without head can also be a sign that you need to keep your mouth shut. This interpretation is especially correct if you caught such strange fish during the fishing. No wonder that in a dream you happened to catch a fish without a head, if you are initiated into someone else's secret.

If someone gave you fish without head, it is a sign that you should have kept silence for a long time already.

It is traditionally considered that a head is a symbol of authority. If a woman sees decapitated fish this means losing her authority in the family for some reason. If a young girl sees such image in a dream, this is a sign of feminine diseases.

According to another dream interpretation, decapitated frozen fish represents a shy admirer.

Seeing fish without head that are ready to be fried symbolize money wastes that will bring satisfaction.

Salted headless fish can predict unexpected and not very big profits, smoked - a small victory, fried - a sincere conversation with your husband.

Dream interpretations claim that ruff symbolizes a pleasant surprise, frozen flounder predicts a small eye disease, crucian carnage is a sign of a minor affliction, and smoked carp promises that all efforts will bring profit.

Seeing bream in a dream leads to dissatisfied life and dubious comrades, and the red fish can predict difficulties in implementing plans. But if you were given a fish, and it turned out to be frozen and headless, then the new business will stuck for an indefinite period.

Sergii Haranenko
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