Gas Station Dream Meaning

According to the Modern dreambook, if you drive your car to the gas station, such plot shows that your family happiness is under serious danger. Quarrels and offences will deprive you of spiritual balance. They will last long and reproaches will be mutual.

If you see yourself as a worker of gas station, this plot means you can count for financial support of your parents or close relatives in the near future. For a single young man such a dream portends an interesting acquaintance.

Fueling the car at the gas station is a symbol of some pleasant event. It is possible that you will spend money on a very useful device.

If you dream that you are fueling full tank and the gas even starts pouring out, this means that everything you planned will be fulfilled with maximum return in reality.

Pouring fuel into a canister at the gas station when the tank is already full is a great sign, you will be moving fast and unhindered towards success. Doing the same thing when the tank of your car is empty shows that you will soon realize worthlessness of business you are currently involved in.

If you happened to fuel your car for a long time because the pointer of the gas-tank was moving but nevertheless the tank remained unfilled, such plot means that you are being too wasteful in reality.

If the gas-tank got broken and the fuel was flowing out, this is a symbol of reckless money waste.

If you didn’t manage to get to the gas station because you were out of fuel, this is also a symbol of coming misunderstandings in the family. This can be avoided if you choose not the way of contradiction but will try to keep the fragile peace in the family.

If you dream that your vehicle is at the gas station and the fuel is filling its tank, this plot predicts pleasant changes.

To see the worker of the gas station separate from his workplace is a warning that you should treat the fire carefully.

It is not a good sign if you were driving by a gas station, but didn’t go there for some reason although your car required fuel. The plot is also warning about problems in wellbeing of your family.

Being at the gas station without a car is a sign of explosive situation in the work team. If you bought something not related to vehicles at the petrol station, such image may speak of health problems.

Sergii Haranenko
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