Car Dream Meaning

Any vehicle seen in your dream symbolizes the dreamer’s life itself.

Miller’s dreambook considers that a dream about a car predicts some changes: it can be a short trip or a long-distance journey, divorce or new love. If you see a very expensive car in your dream but can not afford one in real life, this can be the sign of failure and losses. Other dreams about expensive cars signify success in career and well-being. You can also find an answer you were looking for for a long time.

Absolutely new car can be a sign of losing something valuable.

Broken car in your dream guarantees opportunity to earn money and make a purchase you were planning for a long time. Seeing an old car in your dream is a sign of contradictions and revival of old problems.

According to the Psychoanalytic dream book, a vehicle in a woman's dream represents her body. As for men's dreams, a car represents a woman who moves slowly, is controlled or uncontrollable. Possibly it may be a symbol of a wife, lover, sister.

  • dream of a red car - high activity, aggression, danger;
  • yellow car in a dream - positive thoughts, joy;
  • dreaming of a white car - open heartedness, pure thoughts;
  • black car dream meaning - concentration;
  • brown car seen in a dream - purposefulness, action;
  • dream about silver car - dreams, illusions;
  • blue car in a dream - cold, detachment;
  • green car in dream - tension.

If a woman is searching a car in her dream it is a sign she will meet a new man. A man who sees a car in the parking lot will go to a long business trip.

Buying a new car means making your wish come true or solving an old problem. Buying a vehicle in your dream is always a positive sign. You will be able to restore your lost position in real life. It is much worse if you sell a car in your dream: you should be prepared for negative changes.

Driving a car is a reflection of your personal activity and general success. Saw yourself just sitting in a car? Your current dreams will not come true.

Dream about driving only forward means that your energy will bring you to your goal. Driving at night on the road you know is a sign of pleasant concerns that will bring positive changes. If you are being a passenger in your dream it means you are under someone’s influence or some kind of addiction.

If you were driving the car yourself it is usually a positive sign and means that your plans will come true. Driving fast can have two interpretations: you can get your goal fast or are trying to avoid something.

If you were dreaming of driving the car you don’t know you should be prepared for difficult times. If it was too easy to drive in your dream this means you are too self-assured and it can have negative consequences. Driving backwards means that your plans will be fulfilled not quite as you expected.

If the road in your dream was absolutely straight and smooth this means you have full control of the situation. If there were a lot of holes on the road you were driving in your dream it is a sign you will have to put a lot of efforts to handle the situation.

Renovating your car in a dream is interpreted as wanting more than you can afford. Seeing the car plate number is a sign of some minor obstacles and financial problems.

If you saw car keys in your dream don’t lose the chance, you will soon have positive changes in your life.

Car accident is a sign of some obstacles. Being hit by a car in a dream is a bad sign, you can get into trouble. Hitting another car means having a competitor. Hitting someone with your car in a dream is a prediction of coming problems.

Dreams about car theft mean failure in important plans. It can also reflect your fear of upcoming changes. If you are stealing a car in a dream it means you can break relations with a powerful person. It can also mean that your dream will not come true. Sometimes car theft can be the sign of breaking plans and the trip you planned will be cancelled on strange reasons. Some dreambooks consider that stealing a car predicts passionate love affair.

The list of most popular superstitions and signs about cars and driving.

Dreaming about depot may indicate an accident. Seeing a carpool or hearing people talk about it in a dream may predict a car purchase. Seeing a car depot in a dream - predicts the accumulation of a decent amount of money.

A dream about an overloaded car or wagon is a sign that the individual takes on more than he can handle.

What does a car trunk mean in dreams? A trunk of a car seen in a dream means you have put too many worries on the shoulders of your loved ones. They may leave you to relieve pressure.

An open car trunk is a warning that you are about to take a too risky decision. If you are closing the vehicle trunk, this image speaks of your economy and frugality.

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