Guy Rejecting You Dream Meaning

Dreams in which the guy rejects you do not at all portend failure in love in reality - the dream book is encouraging. The plot seen in a dream often touches on the problems of neutral relationships and sociability. Some details of the dream will tell you how to put things in order in the field of communication.

Miller's dream book very simply explains why a very common plot of being rejected by a guy is seen in a dream: feelings for an old friend or colleague suddenly flash in a dream. It is possible that the one you dreamed of would invite you to a romantic date or let you know in another way that you and he could be a good soulmate.

The symbol also means a new look at relationships with a regular partner.

Explanations to Hasse’s dream book about what the meaning of a dream that the guy rejects you is, do not sound very optimistic. The symbol means that in the near future excessive frankness with others can only do harm.

If you had a dream about a person to whom you really are not indifferent, it seems that in real life he unintentionally upsets you with something. For example, lack of interest or unacceptable character traits along with attractive qualities.

    In order to interpret the meaning of a dream how you are rejected by a guy, the dream book clarifies his relations with the dreamer:
  • If your beloved man appeared in a dream, minor troubles are coming in everyday life;
  • If you happen to see a colleague in such a role, this means you will get unexpected support;
  • When you dreamed that a stranger rejected you, expect a big change;
  • If in a dream you can’t see the face of the person you are talking to, you should watch your health state;
  • When someone else’s husband has not accepted your offer, beware of slick situations;
  • The rejection of your ex promises the opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past.

This is not the only explanation of a dream about peremptory break with your ex. If you dreamed of this, the Oriental interpreter claims that in reality he is still in love with you.

Dream Interpreter Longo suspects that the sleeping woman is panicky afraid of such a situation in reality. There may be cause for concern. It is necessary to pay more attention to one's own person in order to increase self-esteem.

The Interpreter Navi sees a positive meaning in a dream where a guy turns you down: you finally gained the independence (not necessarily from the man) that you had dreamed about for so long. If the dream hero motivates his decision with something, his words often contain valuable advice, analyze them.

Dream interpretation of Loff believes that the plot portends losses, it is possible that financial ones. If in a dream the person didn’t not see how the guy said no to you, nevertheless, the dreamer knows for sure that this happened, this means there will be separation due to departure or illness.

What you dreamed about, Velez’s dream book considers a typical shifter: “no” in a dream means “yes” in reality. The prospects for a joint future are quite clear.

To see that the guy turns you down because he loves another girl, oddly enough, is also a good sign: the fateful meeting awaits the dreamer.

If you saw in a dream that the refusal caused an attack of shame and resentment, in reality those around you very much believe in you, do not let them down.

The impression that the man made makes its own corrections in the interpretation of a dream. If the dreamer likes the young man from a dream, this means the upcoming holiday event is in jeopardy.

When rejection causes relief, the Esoteric dream book reports that in reality the need to deal with unpleasant people will disappear. Rough conversation portends deliverance from negative experiences.

Sergii Haranenko
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