Ex-boyfriend Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about your ex boyfriend? If you saw your ex boyfriend in your dream, this means you are too much dedicated to your past. Your former relations do not let you go, start a new life and change priorities.

Dreaming about your ex may not be a nightmare yet, but waking up from it is usually unpleasant. And this is not without reason - there really is something to think about. According to the sleep therapist and author of books on dreams, Lauri Loewenberg, a dream about ex-boyfriend does not necessarily reflect what is happening between you, but rather what is happening in your soul.

Do you want to know more about the meanings of dreams about your ex and how they relate to what's happening in your life right now? Here are the explanations of the main plots featuring your ex.

What does it mean if you dreamed about the object of your first love?

It may be someone who was in your life 10 or even 20 years ago, but he still appears in your dream. “You dream about your first love not because you miss who you were in love with, but to remind you of the wonderful accompanying feelings: excitement, passion, butterflies in your belly, the desire to always be together. The object of first love projects these feelings in your psyche, and therefore will come in a dream when, for example, your current relationship has lost its former passion, or when you are alone for too long. This is how the subconscious reminds you of what it can feel, and gently pushes you to find someone who will help bring those emotions back or do something to recharge the existing relationships,” The experts explain.

What does it mean if you see someone with whom you broke up recently in a dream?

This means that the subconscious mind is trying to help you survive what happened. Think about the sediment from your past romance that pushes you forward, hinting that the past is worth leaving it behind. What was your breakup like? Are you glad that everything is over, or would you like to be together again? What are your thoughts on this? Are you thinking about your ex with hope, anger or feelings of guilt? Once you understand the reasons, it will be easier for you to free yourself from intrusive memories - even if you have to meet with your ex for a serious conversation for this.

What does it mean if you dreamed that your ex-boyfriend was apologizing or persuading you to get back together?

Those who have gone through a breakup see in a dream how the former boyfriend confesses his love, begs to forgive him and be together again. Sometimes it looks so realistic that you wake up with the thought: 'But this is really possible! He really wants me back.’ Unfortunately, the truth is that it is not he who wants it, but you. It is you who are persistently dreaming about this, embarrassed to admit to yourself that you will not cancel the mental rehearsals of the scenario “How could it be”. And this, nevertheless, is the only sure way to 'recovery'.

Ex boyfriend seen in a dream can also be a symbol of careless step that will have negative consequences. If your ex boyfriend was showing affection and love to you in your dream, you should be ready for surprises, including negative ones.

What does it mean if your ex-boyfriend rejects you in a dream?

Although this dream is sad, it has a positive effect. Hearing "I'm leaving" from him while you passionately want him to stay, you should know that the subconscious mind is trying to bring you back to reality. Interpret this dream as a conversation with yourself: you must tell yourself what your ex says - firmly and decisively.

If you saw a dream about a fight with your ex boyfriend, this plot means that your current partner will start having the feelings of possessiveness.

What does it mean if you are dreaming of having sex with your ex?

If you dreamed about having sex with your ex-boyfriend, when you wake up, it is worth confessing if there is actually some part of you (yes, perhaps that definite one) that wants to return your ex if he appears on the horizon. If so, a way must be found to curb these impulses as soon as possible, as they are followed by the obsession with full reunification. If you separated a long time ago and became firmly convinced that the past cannot be returned, but in a dream you find yourself in the same bed again, this is generally a good sign: you have come to terms with what happened. Your romance is over, clarification of the relationship is over, too, you no longer reproach yourself, but accept the experience as part of your past, gaining experience in return. In other words, you have matured to a healthy attitude to what happened. But the chances are high that you have not yet forgiven your ex, since he is visiting your dreams.

If you were kissing your ex boyfriend in a dream, this means you will be pretty much surprised. Sex with your ex boyfriend predicts an old conflict escalation. If you parted in a dream, this image predicts new meeting; a quarrel is a symbol of positive changes in personal life.

What does it mean if you saw in a dream something that annoyed you in your ex?

The subconscious mind stores everything and does not forget anything, the interpreters insist. If the new boyfriend is somehow similar to your ex, whose not very positive habits caused the separation, the subconscious mind will find a way to draw your attention to the existing problem. Maybe your ex smoked, and your current partner does not smoke, but loves to drink or has some other bad habit. How did you feel when you woke up? Did you fee irritation, shame? Then this dream is definitely a warning.

What does it mean if your ex-boyfriend broke up with you once again in a dream?

First one needs to find out how long ago the separation occurred. If this happened weeks or months ago, the dream suggests that you are still living this through - there is a trauma that is difficult to heal by replaying what happened over and over again. But if it was a long time ago and you still see in a dream how the ex is leaving you, you need to ask yourself what is happening in your life right now, that is causing such visions. Maybe you were denied a new position? Or haven't you received the expected praise for your work? Why do you feel rejected or abandoned right now?

A dream about your ex boyfriend leaving you without explaining the reason or says he wants to break down is a reflection of your fear to lose the most precious and valuable in your life.

What does it mean if you dreamed that your ex was in danger, and you were trying to save him?

This may be because the relationship taught you a valuable lesson that should be considered for the future, the experts explain. Something from the past should be 'saved' because it is good for you. For example, your experience has helped you become stronger and more confident, and your subconscious mind encourages you to use these qualities.

What does it mean if you dreamed that your ex was in danger, and you did not even think of saving him?

When you dream of ex boyfriend in danger, the interpreters insist that this is a good sign that you are getting rid of the painful experience of being rejected: the danger that your ex is going through is your own psyche in search of deliverance from the past to which you so stubbornly hold on.

Death of your ex boyfriend in your dream means you will soon get married or have a baby.

What does it mean if you dream of killing your ex-boyfriend?

This dream also pleases some interpreters. You should consider it a sign that it is time to do everything in your power to put an end to any resentment or disappointment that remained in your soul. Having experienced a painful breakup, we often bring resentment into subsequent relationships - and this is a very toxic problem that can poison the future. But a dream where you mercilessly deal with the object of past love suggests that you are killing the negativity that threatens your new love.

A dream that your ex boyfriend is dead is a warning about danger. On the contrary, if a deceased boyfriend helps you in a dream, this means you will be able to overcome all the difficulties and get victory over your rivals.

Killing your ex boyfriend in a dream represent luck in all your beginnings. If you had some doubts and were afraid to do something, you can easily start now.

What does it mean if you dream of ex boyfriend killing you?

Death in a dream symbolizes something that ends or changes. And murder means forced loss or change. If you dream that the hero of your former romance is killing you, you should think about how the breakup affected you personally. What exactly "killed" this relationship? Maybe they broke your spirit? Destroyed the ability to trust others? Have they taken away your self-confidence? You should think it over and strategize on how to bring the loss back to life.

What does it mean if you spend time with your ex boyfriend's family in a dream?

This is a very typical phenomenon. When an experienced smoker quits smoking, he dreams that he still smokes, the interpreters say. The everyday and comfortable life to which you are accustomed disappeared along with the ex. Such dreams will come to naught over time and new ones will replace the old way of life and habits.

Very often seeing your ex boyfriend in a dream is a reflection of comparison that you make between him and your current partner. You should be careful with your words and actions in order not to start unwanted conflict.

According to Sigmund Freud ex boyfriend in a dream represents the woman’s unconscious fears about his possible cheatings or betrayal. If your ex was angry in your dream and accused you of adultery, this means you will earn his trust and respect in real life.

If your ex boyfriend looked very tired in a dream, this is a warning about a serious illness in your family.

If you see dreams about your ex boyfriend from time to time this may be a reason to think about your feelings being still alive; this person definitely takes a big part of your thoughts. The dreambooks state that if you see someone in your dream, this means he is thinking about you. So, it may be pleasant to find out that the person you used to care about is occasionally thinking about you.

If you have a new boyfriend in real life and keep seeing dreams about your ex, this is a sign that there is not enough romance and passion in your current relations.

A dream about your ex being married to another girl is a symbol that you will forgive someone for old offence.

If you haven’t finished a conversation with your ex in a dream, this plot means that there is a lot remained unsaid between you and it is worth having a sincere talk in real life.

If your ex was married to you in a dream, this is a sign of troubles.

If you didn’t recognize a man you used to love in your dream, this plot is predicting major changes in your or his life. Besides that it can symbolize your meeting in real life soon.

A present from your ex can be interpreted as a precursor of possible cheating.

Hearing your ex boyfriend’s voice or talking to him on the phone is a sign that he is thinking about you and still has feelings for you; he may want to talk to you in real life.

Seeing a dream about your first love means you are lacking simple and light relations, as in youth.

Summarizing what has been said, the famous interpreters remind that dreams about your ex do not necessarily mean that you still live in the grip of feelings. Heroes of past romances appear in dreams to deliver a message that needs to be received right now - this is how your past shapes your present. Dreams about the ex boyfriends remind us: in order for the current and future relationships to be strong and happy, you need to get rid of the experienced negativity, while not forgetting about the lessons learned.

When an ex-lover happens to cry, this may mean you are still dependent on his opinion. If in a dream the ex-boyfriend wanted to try on glasses that he does not actually wear, the dream book calls for keeping an eye on your property.

Sergii Haranenko
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