Hairy Underarms Dream Meaning

This rather unexpected image has a lot of different interpretations. Miller states that seeing your own hairy armpits promise you reliable partners or, on the contrary, irreconcilable competitors. Sometimes the vision warns that you should not go against those who are boundlessly devoted to you.

Hairy underarms in a dream also mean that unfortunately in spite of your efforts you will not be able to gain. The dreambooks also predict unforeseen changes in your plans.

If you watched someone else’s armpits covered with hair, this is a sign of troubles and disappointments. Own armpits with hair can be a symbol of prosperity and even great wealth.

If a woman sees very hairy underarms in a dream, the dream interpretation is sure that the lady wants to gain independence and often goes against public opinion. Such dream for a man is a sign of masculinity, power and purposefulness.

If you dreamed that you have a few hairs in your armpits, there is a possibility that you will commit a cowardly act or will not be able to use some chance correctly.

Seeing hairy armpits and a very hairy body in a dream is a sign that you are a lucky person and life loves you. But if only the armpits were hairy, this can be a sign of spiritual disharmony and even partial degradation.

If you dreamed that you have a lot of black curly hairs underarms, you obviously overestimate your own sexual abilities and are guided by animal instincts. The hairs of white color predict the discovery of the prophetic gift.

If a man sees extremely hairy armpits, he will soon gain the mercy and forgiveness of his beloved. The same dream has a completely different meaning. You passionately indulge in evil desires, which leads to the fact that you will become an outcast.

For the ladies, this same plot means that she is too capricious and wayward, lives for personal satisfaction and forgets about moral norms of behavior.

If the girl sees her partner’s hairy underarms, the dreambooks think that he can not be trusted.

    The dreambooks give short interpretation depending on the hair quality and color:
  • Thick - money.
  • Rare - loss.
  • Long - disappointment.
  • Short - wastefulness, need.
  • Gray - trouble.
  • Dark - love, passion.
  • Light - good relations.
  • Redhead - mockery, deception.
  • Multicolored - well-being, harmony.

If you dreamed that the hair suddenly began to fall out, get ready for big trouble. If you watched armpits covering with hair, then you will have a long life.

If you decided to shave hairy armpits, the dreambooks assume that there will be time when you will manage your own life.

Shaving underarms is a sign of to a strange combination of circumstances, which will bring good luck in the end. For a woman to shave armpits means that she lacks thrust and decisiveness.
Sergii Haranenko
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