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Black Color Dream Meaning

what does the color black mean in a dream? It is very hard to say for sure what black color means in dreams. In some cases it can become a precursor of trouble, in others it is a promise of happiness.

    The dreambooks give some short interpretations for plots with black color:
  • If you dreamed of a church with blackened domes - beware of trouble.
  • To have a dream that your spouse puts a ring of dark hematite on your finger - means divorce.
  • Blackening teeth in one's own mouth - to the disease.
  • Soot color stroller is a sign of worrying about your children.
  • To dream of a symbol drawn on a bright wall with a coal – you will get some news.
  • Seeing black windows in a dream means you should expect that people will be jealous.
  • Seeing yourself on the Black Sea – means a rest coming soon.
  • The water in the sea was black - learn to restrain your emotions.

If a woman saw herself changing color from blonde to brunette, this means she can become a victim of intrigues.

Seeing yourself wearing black clothes in a dream predicts misunderstandings with people you care about.

According to Miller, seeing a black swan in a dream means you are eager to find out what the forbidden love is like.

Drawing something with chalk on coal board is a sign stating you can forget about luck.

If you saw a car of a wet asphalt color, you should pay attention to its condition. If the car was new, luck and success are waiting for you in all your beginnings. An old dilapidated car is a sign that you will have to fight for success.

A bright-black flower seen in a dream symbolizes sorrow. If you picked this flower yourself, then you will spend a lot of time in anguish. Someone gave you a black flower - this person will somehow upset you; this is especially true if the petals were faded.

The interpretation of a dream in which you put on a mourning jacket or dress warns you of the need to control your actions. And if a girl dreamed that she was going down the aisle in a black wedding dress, this means that she needs to sort out her own feelings.

You should be paying attention to your shoes in dreams. If you were wearing shoes of a graphite shade in your dream, this plot shows your desire to choose a decisive person as your companion, the Eastern dreambook explains.

If a woman decided to dye her hair black or decorate her curls with dark ribbon, she should be ready for a surprise. Such dream predicts a surprise, but not always a pleasant one; especially if she was obliged to dye her hair.

Dyeing not the whole hair dark, but leaving a strand of another color means that not everything satisfies you in your life, and you want to diversify it. The same meaning has a dream about light ribbon on the brunette's hair. But to dye your hair in bright colors or to weave a white ribbon in a light braid means getting rid of the negative.

Miss Hasse’s dream interpretation will tell you what an image of black kitten means: you will be able to disarm your enemies. But the dog of this color, on the contrary, promises the acquisition of detractors.

It is also a bad sign to see a black pig in a dream - it is a harbinger of meeting a vile and unprincipled person. And if in a dream you killed a snake with skin the color of soot, then be prepared to receive an important life lesson.

Sergii Haranenko

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