Hiccups Dream Meaning

According to Miss Hasse’s dreambook, if you dream that you hiccup, this means that you can not neglect your duties and must keep your promises. The plot about hiccups can also mean that you will take a responsible position.

Seeing another person hiccupping in a dream means you will not get help you were counting for. Such plot also means that you are not satisfied with your position and are trying hard to change it.

Hiccup to exhaustion in a dream means you will have salary raise soon.

According to Freud, hiccups in a dream can also mean that you are really annoyed by a person you do not like. You do not understand why people impose communication of an unpleasant person if you have no intentions regarding him.

If you are tormented by a hiccup in a dream, the most incredible rumors are being spread out about you.

The dream about hiccups suggests that you, being fussy and inconsistent, often complicate your life; in one of the ridiculous situations that could have been completely avoided, a friend will come for help.

If you dream that someone has hiccups means that the difficulties that you will soon encounter will seem insurmountable, and you will give up in disappointment - perhaps in vain.

If a young woman sees someone hiccupping, this plot can predict getting married soon and her fiancée may be the citizen of another country.

According to Miller, hiccupping in a dream is a symbol meaning that you yourself create all the difficulties on your way to success. Hearing people hiccups - such a dream indicates the groundlessness of all your fears and doubts.

Trying to interrupt the hiccups by all means is a sign of noticeable deterioration of the position in society. This dream is a sign of struggle with a bad result of some business.

Here you can find signs and beliefs about having hiccups.

Sergii Haranenko
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