Killing A Bird Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you killed a bird in a dream? There will be difficulties, negative events with tragic consequences for you, which can still be prevented with due effort. A killed bird portends many small problems that can be solved with the help of simple actions.

According to Tsvetkov’s dreambook, shooting a bird in a dream is a sign that you are decisive and meet problems with dignity. Shooting it with a rifle - expect trouble.

According to Medieval dreambook, killing a bird in a dream predicts loss.

Shereminskaya dreambook considers it a harbinger of misfortune, fatal consequences due to rash actions if you killed a bird in a dream.

According to Chinese Zhou Gong dreambook, if you kill a rooster, goose or a duck in a dream, this image portends great happiness.

For the farmer a dream where you shoot a bird from a gun portends crop failure due to a natural disaster.

According to the Egyptian dream book of the Pharaohs, if a person sees himself hunting birds in a dream, it is bad and it means that something will be taken away from him.

According to Simeon Prozorov's Dream Book, killing poultry is a symbol of a new job, although it will bring good money, but it will require complete dedication from you.

Killing wild birds in a dream – means random financial luck will favor you. A dream of killing songbirds – means your accidental word can offend an innocent person.

Slaughtering a bird in a dream is a sign of an unstable financial situation and passing love.

According to Grishina’s dreambook, stabbing a bird in a dream represents changes or a love act.

According to Freud's dream book, bird hunting symbolizes your aggressiveness, most often directed against children. If you have killed many birds, this symbolizes that you have a pronounced inferiority complex.

Did you happen to kill a crow in a dream? This is a very positive sign that promises deliverance from suffering, enemies or rivals, as well as coming exit from a particularly critical situation.

If you dreamed of how you unsuccessfully tried to kill a crow, this means someone close to you will become seriously ill, but you will not be able to help. This is an eloquent hint that you need to come to terms with the situation, and only then will relief come.

Killing birds in a dream or catching them with a net – portends difficult events that can confuse you.

Sergii Haranenko
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