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The Dreambook of Zhou Gong, “God of Dreams”.

Before you get acquainted with one of the most ancient works on dreams interpretation that belongs to the authorship of a Chinese interpreter, we would tell you several words about him. Zhou Gong was a member of the royal family of the Zhou dynasty who played a major role in consolidating the kingdom established by his elder brother King Wu, he was one of the founders of a dynasty (XI century b.c.) He had the reputation of great specialist in the sphere of traditional fortune-telling systems.

He was also known as “the God of Dreams” and also it has been very long time since the appearance of his work on dreaming, the offered dreambook is still very popular in the countries of South-Eastern Asia. In Chinese legends, if an important thing is going to happen to someone, Zhou Gong will let the person know through dreams: hence the Chinese expression "Dreaming of Zhou Gong". This dream book offers short explanations of spiritual meaning of dreams according to the ancient interpreter.


ABLUTION – career moving, the illness may pass.

AMNESTY – getting under amnesty – misfortune related to your dwelling or house.

ANCESTORS – deceased ancestors seen in a dream are examining your knowledge or ask food from you – big happiness.

ARABLE LAND – seeing ravaged arable land in a dream – means big happiness.

AREA (SPACE) – to see uninhabited space in a wild place – long-distance trip.

ARMOR AND HELMET – putting them on for protection – means big profit, success; putting on armor means high appointment on important position.

ARMY – comes back from campaign – illness; army headed by a governor – change of name or incredible glory; being present at army positions – big happiness, luck.

ARROWS – holding bow and arrows in your hands means big happiness.

BAGPIPES – playing the bagpipes in a dream predicts changes.

BALDACHIN – to make a ritual canopy in a dream – means big happiness and profit.

BAMBOO – if it grows in front of your house in a dream – there will be a lot of joy; if you come home after you break off young bamboo sprouts – the wife will give birth to a son; seeing young sprouts of bamboo – predicts birth of new children and grandchildren.

BANNERS AND FLAGS – if people are going towards you with banners – such dream means wealth and prominence; holding them in your hands means grace, reward and praise; crossing the state’s borders with flags and banners – predicts an illness, ailment; watching someone make a new banner – means big happiness; climbing up the mountains with flags – is a sign of misfortune.

BASIN (BOWL) – big basin – stock addition, big happiness; a basin for washing face – you will have a beautiful lover; bowls of different sizes – joy from communicating with the family.

BAT – a flock of bats is flying – your secret tasks will be fulfilled successfully.

BATHHOUSE – if you want to enter a public bath in a dream – this plot symbolizes loss or an unhappy event.

BED – lying into a bed in a dream means big misfortune, evil; if ants are crawling on the bed – misfortune; changing the bed legs – trouble with a subordinate; if a canopy tears on the bed – this plot means your wife may die soon; if there is blood on your bed – the wife is cheating on you; touching up a bed covered with blanket – a man from afar will arrive.

BEES – if they are flying playing matching games – the endeavor will not end successfully; if a bee sting gets into your leg – there will be joy related to material profit, acquiring.

BELL – hearing the sound of bell – means a person from afar will arrive.

BELT – seen in a dream it predicts appointment on position, a favorable sign; if a waistband on the clothes unties or gets loose on its own – this means luck in all your endeavors and happiness; if you untie it – this means an unhappy event.

BIRD – if a bird follows a snake in a dream – this means you will receive recommendations from some person; catching a bird on the fly – a letter from afar; birds singing in emptiness – wife’s death; a flying bird gets in your bosom in a dream – happiness.

BLANKET – covering yourself with a blanket in a dream – means big happiness; a wish to cover yourself with your own blanket is a symbol of wealth and glory.

BLUSH – seeing rouge and powder in a dream – means big wealth and profit.

BOAT – a boat aground taken to the shore – symbolizes difficult situation; flying in a boat in a dream – big wealth and prominence; crossing the river on a boat – new position; if water is in the boat – this image predicts wealth; swimming towards the moon or sun in a boat – is a symbol of wealth; drinking wine sitting in a boat – arrival of a guest from afar; being with someone in one boat – means relocation; to sail in a boat during the wind – big happiness and profit; sitting in a boat and seeing steering wheel – predicts peace and balance; swimming under the bridge in a boat means big happiness; helping your father street a boat in a dream – means promotion at work; seeing yourself sleeping in a boat – trouble; entering the boat holding a lamp or a torch – big happiness; if you are riding through your house sitting n a boat – devastation, loss of fortune; admiring the flowers sitting in the boat – there will be drinking and food; an ill person swimming in a boat – predicts death.

BODY – if there is sweat coming from your body – this image in a dream predicts misfortune, evil; if insects are crawling on ill body – this means the ailment passes; the body is bandaged, or tied with ropes – longevity and happiness; someone is going to cuff your body in a dream – means you will get ill soon; if you dream that your body is too fat of too thin – both images predict bad luck or misfortune; seeing yourself completely naked in a dream – means big profit; if the wings are growing on your body and you fly – this means big happiness; if the body is burnt and blood is pouring out of it – this means big happiness; if the body is covered with a net – this means a situation at work; if your body is stained with urine and feces – this dream predicts wealth.

BOOK – if it is lying on the table – this means new appointment, getting up the career ladder; classical books in monastery rooms – are a sign that the ill person should recover.

BOWSTRING – if it tears when you stretch it – this dream means misfortune, trouble.

BOX – acquiring or receiving a box in a dream – is a plot saying you will receive what you’ve been striving for.

BRACELETS – silver bracelets – predict a quarrel between husband and wife including the use of power; if they make sounds and hit each other – a problem related to separation with a wife.

BRAN AND CHAFF – if they are mixed up in a dream – this means the family will have to save money soon.

BRAZIER (ROASTER) – wealth and prominence.

BREAD – if bread is growing in your yard – there will be career promotion; seeing rich crops of ripe bread – means wealth, glory, longevity.

BREASTS – sucking someone’s breast in a dream means arrival of an honorable relative.

BRIDGE – sitting on a bridge – getting a position at work; seeing a bridge being ruined – situation related to official structures; getting up the bridge holding hands with someone – predicts wife’s pregnancy; if the bridge ends abruptly – this means bickering; if the bridge pillars break – trouble with children or grandchildren; fixing the bridge – harmonious development of all situations; seeing people travel across the bridge – appearance of an official situation; calling someone standing on the bridge – victory in a lawsuit; a rebuilt bridge – is a symbol of big coincidence.

BRONZE – a frying pan or kettle from bronze – means quarrel.

BROOM – if a person gives you a broom in a dream – you will get a position at work.

BROTHERS – separation from them in a dream – means quarrel; if they are fighting with each other – this means big happiness, profit.

BRUSH – twirling a brush in your hands – promises a letter from afar.

BUCKET – bucket full of water – is a symbol of great happiness; without water – misfortune; if you lift the bucket and its bottom falls out – destruction; if a person gives you a big bucket – profit.

BUDDHA – bowing to Buddha in a dream – big wealth; Buddha is angry with you – great misfortune; Buddha explains what happened – happiness, luck; drawing the image of Buddha – being honored by other people; seeing Buddha – birth of an honorable heir; Buddha talks to people – great material help; Buddha can not walk – great misfortune.

BUFFALO – this dream means that ancestors are requiring sacrifice; if a buffalo enters the house – this plot predicts mourning.

BUTTER – eating butter in a dream predicts happiness.

CALENDAR – receiving a calendar in a dream – means passing an exam for academic rank successfully.

CAMEL – seeing a camel in a dream – means a serious official task, appointment; killing a camel means drinking and eating.

CANDLE – seeing a candle in a dream predicts big wealth; light, shining of the candle – big happiness. (see burning candle)

CAREER – getting promotion – there will be material profit.

CARP – wife’s pregnancy; big happiness.

CASTANETS – giving them to someone – predicts bickering.

CAT – if a cat is catching the mouse – this image predicts great wealth.

CATERPILLAR – when caterpillars of silkworms are flying in a dream, not turning into cocoons – this means happiness for people.

CAULDRON – if the content of the pot is pouring through the edge – this image predicts big wealth; if it breaks and falls apart – such plot means mourning.

CEREALS – seeing five cereals growing – means gaining wealth and glory; spikes full of cereals – mean big happiness, profit.

CHESS PIECE (CHECKER) – appearance of a new family member, birth of a son.

CHEST – issues related to bickering, quarrel.

CHESTNUTS – eating chestnuts in a dream predicts separation.

CHICKEN (DUCK MEAT) – eating this meat in a dream predicts happiness.

CHISEL – there will be compulsion from someone’s side, but it will bring happiness.

CLOTHES – handing someone official clothes or uniform in a dream means you will be appointed to new position; washing dirty clothes – arrival of a new employee or official man; putting on new outerwear – means you will have a new wife or lover; cleaning clothes – happiness; folding or gathering new clothes – means there will be a number of different problems; covering yourself with clothes from bad weather – there will be great grace; giving clothes to a person – illness, ailment, misfortune; shabby clothes that is about to tear – your wife might have someone on the side; tailoring clothes or wearing morning clothes in a dream predicts happiness; putting on white outfit means someone will ask for help from you; putting on clothes of yellow color – happiness and good luck; putting on dark-blue or green apparel – means there will be help and support from a wise man; putting on laced dress predicts big profit related to your wife; many people dresses in purple or violet clothes is a sign of abuse; people dressed in dark-blue clothes is a sign of separation from your family; many people wearing white represent work issues; a lot of people in red in a dream are a symbol of big luck; if a woman puts on the man’s clothes in a dream – this means birth of an honorable offspring; owing the same clothes together with another person means your wife has a lover; losing some clothes predicts your wife’s difficult labor; seeing yourself in white clothes means people are plotting against you; stained, dirty underwear – predicts unhappy labor; putting on mourning clothes means appointment on position.

CLOUDS – if they suddenly close the sun – this is

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