Lightning Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you dream about lightning? Dreams with thunder, lightning and other attributes of storm are often associated with complete calm in real life. This night image can sometimes reflect your thoughts about your life going smoothly and calmly, but you feel the routine and monotony of your days. The dream interpreters are sure that the person who sees such a dream is looking for changes.

Seeing lightning in a dream is a prediction of long-awaited news coming very soon. For those who are not waiting for any news this will be a very unexpected surprise that will overwhelm you. A dream about lightning hitting something should be taken as a warning.

If the lightning hit the person you know in real life, this dream means that his life will be changed. If in a dream the lightning hit you, this means you should try to show more restraint in reality, as they will try to drag you into a conflict.

If lightning hit the place where you ordered it to, this dream is a symbol that you control the majority of events in your life as well. A hit into the building is a warning and usually such dream contains information about what you should be aware of. If it was your house hit by lightning in your dream, you can be expecting problems in the family. Lightning hitting the ground near you is interpreted as receiving some thrilling news. The dreambooks advise taking this news attentively and thoroughly.

Real bad weather with storm and lightning can bring some storm in your life, even if you don’t seem to like the changes, they will bring diversity into your life. The interpretation of dreams about bad weather depends on your attitude to it in real life. If you like raged nature, the dream should be considered a favorable sign promising the fulfilling of your goals and plans. If bad weather scares you in real life, you should take into consideration the opposite interpretation of the dream.

Seeing a blinding flash of lightning in your dream right next to you is a sign of unexpected joy. Seeing the lightnings in the distance is a sign of temporary success, which will be replaced by a standstill.

What does it mean if the lightning hit a tree in your dream? To see a tree split in half by lightning predicts risk losing a true friend. A tree catching fire from a lightning strike speaks of a deception, to which you succumb with the gullibility of a child.

If lightning flashes in the night sky, illuminating everything around with bright light, you will experience contradictory feelings in reality, when it will be impossible not to say to a good person words that will offend him, or to convey news that can plunge him into a painful state.

How to understand a dream about lightning in the sky? To see lightning between two large clouds high in the sky on a clear day means that the streak of bad luck will drag on for a long time and you will have to come to terms with it.

Lightning striking the lightning rod in your house warns against a mistake that you can make not following the advice of a person who loves you.

If in a dream you found yourself on board an airliner that suffered a crash from strong lightning strike - such a dream portends large losses not of your own free will and the desire to return what was lost by any means.

If in your dream lightning causes interference to radio or television broadcasts, this means you are destined to do someone else's work without any compensation in reality.

If a ball lightning flew into the house in your dream, this is a sign of family happiness. If it hit something, the image promises welfare and success. If in a dream ball lightning caused fire in the house, this means illness of a loved one. If it killed someone, the dream predicts troubles.

To see how ball lightning hovers over the sea in a dream indicates the need to solve other people's problems. To be shocked at the sight of ball lightning means a series of failures.

Seeing ball lightning and not being scared promises new romantic relationship. To touch it with your hand and not burn yourself - means meeting an influential person. Watching the thunderball dissolve in thin air is a symbol of mutual love.

A dream containing thunder and lightning is a prediction of complete victory. All the life circumstances and even the nature are working at your favor now. This dream can also mean changes both in your life and in your thoughts and feelings. The changes can be absolutely different: new acquaintance, fatal news, illumination in your thoughts, new love, opening your new abilities, etc. Miller considers that dreams about lightning can symbolize a very rapid but short success that can be changed by a period of decay. The dreambooks also advise paying more attention to people who need you.

    What are the Top-5 negative thunderbolt dream meanings?
  • A black lightning strike in a dream speaks of difficulties.
  • Yellow lightning bolt - a period of loneliness.
  • White lightning strike - loss of self-confidence.
  • Seeing lightning strike a plane is a warning of an accident.
  • Thunderbolt in the water - the death of an elderly family member.
    What are the Top-5 positive dreams about lightning strike?
  • A ball lightning strike speaks of prosperity and well-being.
  • Giant lightning striking - successful self-realization.
  • Small lightning bolt - an important event.
  • Lightning strike during a thunderstorm - means wages increase.
  • Lightning strike in clear weather - good mood.
Sergii Haranenko
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