Lotus Dream Meaning

In a dream, the lotus acts as a symbol of mystery, fulfillment of the desired, as well as the ability to touch the world of the unknown. What else does this mysterious sign symbolize in a dream? Dream Interpretation will tell all its meanings.

If you dreamed of a sacred flower of lotus, then you are marked by fate, as a person of extraordinary destiny. This is a symbolic reflection of magical abilities and hidden talents that must be developed. Did you see a strange flower in a dream? So, the most favorable time has come for the disclosure of your creative potential.

Lotus also identifies spiritual awakening, the degeneration of the negative principle into something good and bright. This flower predicts that you will perform an unusually wise act.

    What else is this sacred plant mean in a dream? The dream interpretation is sure that the explanation of the image must be done, given its features in a dream. Including condition, color, location.
  • Drawing on fabric is a sign of good luck in business.
  • On the wall – knowledge.
  • On the body – profit.
  • Red lotus calls not to trust chatty people.
  • Yellow lotus represents friendship.
  • White lotus is a symbol of purity of thoughts.
  • Black lotus means negative in any manifestation.

If you dream of a broken lotus, this means separation and breakup of relations are coming. Withered lotus, however, marks revived feelings and the advent of old age.

What is the meaning of pink lotus in a dream? In the hands of a young girl it personifies platonic love; if a bride is holding it – it means great authority. A bright pink color of the flower means achieving goals and independence, a very pale color conveys an illusory view of the world. The medium shade of pink reflects sublime feelings.

If you had a chance to see a closed lotus bud in a dream, the dream book predicts a slight deterioration in well-being. Cutting it off - to vicious thoughts; giving it to someone - to scandal.

But the blossoming bud marks the imminent implementation of the plan.

If in a dream you happened to eat a lotus leaf, this plot means you will be extremely happy in reality. Did you have a dream of a single leaf without an inflorescence? You can be fooled.

Miller's dream book is sure that a lotus among lush foliage marks an early marriage and a quick separation.

Why does one dream of lotuses on the water? Dream Interpretation suspects that your feelings may bring worries, as it will be deeper and stronger than you think.

Seeing beautiful lotuses on the water – is a sign that you need to improve your health. If you had a dream of wild water lily on the water, this is a sign that your spirituality is in perfect harmony with material interests.

A pond overgrown with marvelous plants of lotus in a dream symbolizes a romantic date that will take place at the water.

If you cross the pond in a boat and pluck lotus along the way, this means you will soon do something completely useless and even harmful. Just admiring them is much better. Dream Interpretation believes that your life is quite saturated, although unpredictable.

What is the meaning of a dream of the lotus position? If you practice some oriental practices, then the vision speaks of the fruitfulness of meditation. You literally improve even in a dream.

If the performed lotus position brought satisfaction, it means that you have reached peace of mind and are ready to meet the secrets of the universe. For other people, such a pose is a sign of the necessary stagnation and expectation. In addition, the dream book guarantees an extremely confusing situation with an unpredictable outcome.

Sergii Haranenko
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