Withered Flowers Dream Meaning

To see faded flowers in a dream is a sign of melancholy, depression, and regret about the past. In addition, they can symbolize a fake relationship with a loved one if you dreamed that the luxurious shrubs were blooming and sweet-smelling next to them.

According to Miller, the more withered plants you have seen in a dream, the richer the life of the dreamer himself is. It turns out that in any form they mean the sensitivity and extraordinary nature of the person who had such a dream. However, they promise a period of loneliness and some melancholy.

    Miller pays attention to the peculiarity of flowers that wilted:
  • Expensive, exclusive flowers – cunning rivals and false compliments;
  • Wildflowers (buttercups, chamomile, cornflowers) – romance is fading;
  • Shrubs – depression, worries, tears.

To see a withered flower in a pot, to try to revive it in a dream represents the memories of a better period of life. If you dreamed that you unsuccessfully tried to plant it in the ground, do not let your feelings and emotions go free, watch your mood.

Describing dreams about faded roses or violets, Nostradamus recommended helping people in need and doing charity.

A withered flower that was not in the pot but, but on flowerbed, is a warning about scammers and cheaters in your life. The dream means that some of your competitors will take unfair moves against you. The Gypsy dream book reminds us that you should not trust new ideas and future plans even to colleagues and business partners.

Faded buds in a dream are a sign of treachery, breaking agreements, lucrative contracts, and long-term agreements. The interpretation of Vanga’s dreambook comes down to sly neighbors, friends who take advantage of your kindness and don’t even try to be grateful and reciprocate.

Women’s dream book warns married ladies and gentlemen against romance not with your partner. Persistent admirers will at first appear to be ideal partners, but soon they will get tired of playing the role of lovers and show their true face. The rupture of such a relationship will be painful, depression will overwhelm the dreamer, regardless of his gender and age.

Vanga treats the withered flowers in a dream as a loss of vital energy, a manifestation of a long-standing disease. If you dreamed that you had managed to prick with them, get hurt, be prepared for mental pain, mental fatigue.

Sergii Haranenko
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