Music Video Dream Meaning

What does a dream about clips mean? A dream may portend an increase in work, a successful solution to a difficult issue, love. But the plot of the music video in a dream also warns against manifestations of excessive obsession and impossible obligations.

    The dream vision can be interpreted more precisely, given the details:
  • shooting a video - be careful as you can take on impossible obligations;
  • filming yourself - success in the workplace;
  • voicing a clip without appearing on camera - you want your opinion to be respected, but you are too intrusive;
  • mounting video material - you have real levers to control the situation or someone you know.

Did you dream of a clip where you were filming, but did not see yourself in it on the screen? The dream warns: you will not be able to climb higher up the career ladder. The reason for this will be unfavorable circumstances.

Accidentally seeing yourself in the music video – means you will have to speak to the public or defend your report to the management. It is advisable to first “go through” the main points of the report or speech and clearly formulate the information that you want to convey.

Have you seen a clip about your own real life in a dream? The Modern dream book suggests: remember what stories were on the video - perhaps you need to correct a mistake from the past or redo something.

Did you dream of watching a music video on TV? In reality, circumstances at work will be favorable for the dreamer: he will be offered a promotion.

Seeing a professionally made clip in a dream means that you will responsibly approach the solution of a difficult issue. Thanks to this, you will be able to fix it.

Seeing an amateur, poorly made clip means that the sleeper will try to cheat in an important matter, but such behavior will lead to a disastrous result.

What does it mean if you had a dream of watching the same video clip several times in a row? Soon you will get to an uninteresting party.

Have you seen a video in a dream, in which the video sequence and sound do not match at all? The Universal dream book indicates: your capabilities are too far behind your desires. You need to think carefully about the goals you want to achieve, otherwise disappointment is possible.

If they were shooting you for a video in a dream, this means making attempts to understand yourself. It is important for the dreamer to understand what he wants himself, without external influence. Then he will be able to understand where to go.

Also, filming yourself for a video clip in a dream means: you are trying to do more than you really can. Be careful: sometimes you can fail or lose confidence in your abilities. Remember: if your capabilities are limited by something, this does not mean at all that you are bad. Just choose tasks that suit you.

Did you see a beautiful girl in a music video in a dream? You will have an entertainment event where you will have a great time.

Did you dream of watching a video with pleasure, where a young cheerful girl is dancing? The interpretation of dreams calls the plot a harbinger of good luck and love.

Sergii Haranenko
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